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Media Collection: Education Videos, A - Z

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Title Viewing Time Call Number
2 million minutes 54 mins. LB1607 .T95 2007b
101's: A Guide to Positive Discipline unknown LB3025 .K47 2004
ABCs of Bullying Prevention 118 mins LB3013.32 .A23 2005, 4 DVDs
Active Teaching 97 mins. each LB1025.3 .A28 1994e (2 tapes, leader's guide, teacher's handbook, 2 posters, certificate)
Adventures of a Radical Hillbilly 119 mins. LC5301 .M65 A38 2000x)
All the Children of All the People 73 mins. LA361 .A44 2001
The Angry Eye 35 mins. BF575.P9 A53 2004
Asperger Syndrome 18 mins. RC553 .A88 A8 2001
Autism: A World Apart 29 mins. RJ506 .A9
Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory: An Introduction 38 mins. HM1041 .B36 2003
Before Columbus: Teaching Indians to be White 28 mins. E97 .B43 1993e
Beyond Fat City 90 mins. LC4704 .H848x 2005
B.F. Skinner: A Fresh Appraisal 41 mins. BF109 .S55 B32 2000
Brain-Based Learning 42 mins. LB1057 .H69 2000
Buffett and Gates Go Back to School 60 mins. HF5386 .B8 2006
Cipher in the Snow 24 mins. HQ784 .D4 1973e
The Classroom of the 21st Century 60 mins. LB1025.2 .I57 1989e
A Close-Up Look at Teaching Reading: Focusing on Children and Our Goals ******* LB1525 .C56
*Independent Reading And Reading Share 18 mins. v. 1
*Read Aloud and Shared Reading 16 mins. v. 2
*Reading Conferences 23 mins. v. 3
*Guided Reading 23 mins. v. 4
Closing the Achievement Gap: An Essay by Clarence Page 56 mins. LB2806.36 .C5 2004
Cognitive Development 60 mins. BF723 .C5 C64 2004
Conferring with Boys 15 mins. LC1390 .B67 2006
Confronting Discrimination and Prejudice 37 mins. BJ1419 .C66 2008
Cooing, Crying, Cuddling: Infant Brain Development 29 mins. LB1115 .C66 2006
Cooperative Learning Series* ******* LB1032 .C66 1990
(with guide)
*Learning to Work Together 20 mins. v. 1
*Planning and Implementing Cooperative Lessons 42 mins. v. 2
*Teaching Social Skills 32 mins. v. 3
*Three Frameworks--STAD, TGT, Jigsaw II 36 mins. v. 4
*A Sample Lesson 30 mins. v. 5
Corridor of Shame: The Neglect of South Carolina's Rural Sschools 58 mins. LC5146 .C671 2005x
A Day of Words: Integrating Word Work in the Intermediate Grades 61 mins. LB1576 .B582 2005
De-Mything Inclusion 42 mins. LC4019 .D46 1994e
Declining by Degrees 120 mins. LA227.4 .D455 2005
Designing Developmentally Appropriate Days 29 mins. LB1139.25 .D47
Differentiated Instruction: A Focus on Inclusion 50 mins. LC1201 .D54 F63 2003
Differentiating Instruction for Mixed-Ability Classrooms ? mins. LB3061.3 .D5 1996
(with folders)
Education of the Young Child - Past, Present, and Future 50 mins. LB1140 .E485 1987e
Effective Teacher 300 mins. LB1775.2 .W66 1990e,
8 tapes (with guide and book)
Emotion: Gatekeeper to Performance 30 mins. BF561 .E46 1999
Emotional Intelligence 40 mins. BF561 .G66 1996e
Emotional Intelligence With Daniel Goleman 70 mins. BF576 .E466 2007
Erik H. Erikson : A Life's Work 38 mins. BF175 .D38 1992
The Evolution of the Textbook 18 mins. LA201 .S36 E96 1987
Facing the Challenge: Working with Children Who Use Challenging Behaviors 138 mins. LB1060.2 F33 2007
Firing Line: Mortimer Adler and Education 60 mins. LA212 .F57 1989e
The First Year 78 mins. LB2844.1 .N4 F57 2004
Freedom Machines 57 mins. LC4812 .F744 2005
Gender and Education 60 mins. LC212.92 .G45 1995e
Generation M: Misogyny in Media & Culture 60 mins. HQ1233 .G46 2008
Guidance and Discipline. #5, Coping with Challenging Behavior 30 mins. LB1139.23 .G853 2002
The Hobart Shakespeareans 53 mins. LB1563.L68 H63 2006
Homo Toxicus 88 mins. TD879 .H38 P65 2008
The Hornbooks 20 mins. LA201 .S36 H67 1987
How Difficult Can This Be?: Understanding Learning Disabilities: Frustration, Anxiety, Tension, the F.A.T. City Workshop 66 mins. LC4704 .H69 2004
How to Read and Understand a Research Study 24 mins. Q180.55 .E9 H69 2008
How Young Young Children Learn to Think: A Discussion with Constance Kamii 20 mins. LB1060 .H685 1985e
Identifying and Responding to Trauma I: Ages 0 to 5 Years Old 29 mins. RJ506 .P66 I34 2002
Identifying and Responding to Trauma I: Ages Ages 6 to Adolescence 29 mins. RJ506 .P66 I342 2002
Imagine a School: Montessori for Elementary Age Children 13 mins. LB775 .M8 .I34 1994
Including Samuel 58 mins. LC1200 .I525 2009
In Schools We Trust 57 mins. LA212 .I5 1996
Inside Reading and Writing Workshops: Reading Conferences 107 mins. LB1576 .I57 2006
Inside Reading and Writing Workshops: Reading Mini-Lessons 107 mins. LB1576 .I57 2006
Inside Reading and Writing Workshops: Writing Conferences 107 mins. LB1576 .I57 2006
Inside Reading and Writing Workshops: Writing Mini-Lessons 107 mins. LB1576 .I57 2006
Intercultural Classrooms: A Different Place 37 mins. LC1099.3 .I58 2005
It's So Much Work to Be Your Friend 90 mins. HQ783 .L38 2005
John Bowlby : Attachment Theory Across Generations 39 mins. BF723 .A75 J64 2007
John Dewey : His Life and Work 41 mins. B945 .D44 J64 2001
Language and Mind 80 mins. P106 .C46 1997e
Last One Picked--First One Picked On 75 mins. LC4704 .L383 2005
Laughing, Learning, Loving: Toddler Brain Development [DVD] 28 mins. LB1115 .L38 2006
Launching Literacy Stations [DVD] 103 mins. LB1576 .L376 2006
Life Running Out of Control 95 mins. TP248.6 .L53 2004
The Lion's Den 82 mins. PN1997 .B6 1990e
Literacy Attendance 13 mins. LB1576 .M51 2006
Lives in Education: The Ancient Greeks 17 mins. LA2301 .L58 1989e
Lives in Education: The Critics 25 mins. LA2301 .L58 1989e, v.10
Looking at the Basics of Developmentally Appropriate Practice 41 mins. LB1139.25 .L66 2006
Making the Most of News Magazines 15 mins. LB1584 .S51 2006
Maria Montessori : Her Life and Legacy 35 mins. LB775 .M8 M371 2004
Mary Ainsworth: Attachment and the Growth of Love 38 mins. BF723 .E6 M379 2005
Maslow's Heirachy of Needs 26 mins. BF503 .M376 2007
Mentoring: Guiding, Coaching, and Sustaining Beginning Teachers 44 mins. LB1731.4 .M46 2003
Merrow Report--Caught in the Crossfire 57 mins. HV741 .C38 1994
Merrow Report--In Schools We Trust 57 mins. LA212 .I5 1996
Merrow Report--Testing, Testing, Testing... 57 mins. LB3051 .T47 1997
Mortimer Adler and Education 60 mins. LA212 .F57 1989e
The New Educators 25 mins. LA2301 .L58 1989e, v.6
Opposing Aggression and Bullying 38 mins. BJ1419 .O67 2008
Organizing Research 23 mins. LB2369 .O74 2004
Piaget's Developmental Theory: An Overview 25 mins. BF722 .P534487 2005
A Place at the Table 40 mins. LC1099.3 .P55 2000
(with guide)
Plagarism: It's a Crime 22 mins. PN167 .P52 2006
Play: A Vygotskian Approach 26 mins. LB117 .P58 1996e
Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems 47 mins. LB3013 .S44 1994
The Progressives 25 mins. LA2301 .L58 1989e, v.9
Quest for Equality: The Clarendon County Story 58 mins. LC212.5 .Q4 2000x
Raising Cain [DVD] 120 mins. HQ775 .R357564 2006
Read, Write and Talk: A Practice to Enhance Comprehension [DVD] 38 mins. LB1050.45 .R43 2006
Research Ethics [DVD] 21 mins. Q180.55 .M67 R47 2008
The Signed English Video Learning System 117 mins. HV2474 .S5 1984e
Simple Beginnings?: Child Development from Birth Through Age Five 24 mins. BF721 .S5354 2005
Sound and Fury 78 mins. HV2392.2 .S683 2001x
The Spectrum of Autism 35 mins. RJ506 .A9 S65 2002
Spellbound 97 mins. LB1574 .S64 2004
Standing Up as a Citizen 33 mins. BJ1419 .S73 2008
Strategy Instruction in Action 136 mins. LB1573.7 .S77 2006
Storytelling and Story Acting with Vivian Gussin Paley 18 mins. LB1042 .S753 2002
Tactile Learning Strategies: Interacting with Children Who Have Visual Impairments and Multiple Disabilities 126 mins. HV1631.5 .T34 2006
Theories of Development 27 mins. HQ767.9 .T44 1997b
This Is My Body: A Film By High School Girls 35 mins. HQ798 .T487 2007
A Touch of Greatness 30 mins. PN3171 .T68 2004
Understanding Autism 19 mins. RJ506 .A9 U52 1993
Variety is The Spice: Early Childhood Intervention in Natural Environments 27 mins. HQ778.5 .V37 2006
Vygotsky's Developmental Theory 28 mins. BF121 .V96 1994
The Waldorf Promise 54 mins. LB1029 .W34 W34 1997
What is Childhood Trauma? [DVD] 29 mins. RJ506 .P55 W53 2002
When the Chips Are Down 62 mins. LC4704 .W48 2005
The Wild Child = L'enfant Sauvage 1 hr. 25 min. PN1997 .W546 2001

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