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Media Collection: Books to Grow On

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Bright Eyes, Brown Skin Cheryl Willis Hudson PZ7.H847 B75 1990
Here Are My Hands Bill Martin Jr. & John Archambault PZ8.3 .M37 He 1987
I Make Music Eloise Greenfield PZ7 .G845 Im 1991x
Pretty Brown Face Andrea Pinkney PZ8.3 .P5586825 Pr 1997
Shortcut Donald Crews PZ7 .C8682 Sh 1992
Water, Water Eloise Greenfield GB662.3 .G74 1999
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Africa Dream Eloise Greenfield PS3557 .R39416 A46 1992
At the Crossroads Rachel Isadora PZ7 .I763 At 1994
Ben's Trumpet Rachel Isadora PZ7.I763 Be
The Case of the Hungry Stranger Crosby Newell Bonsall PZ7 .B64265 Cas 1992b
Flower Garden Eve Bunting PZ7 .B86 F56 1999
For the Love of the Game: Michael Jordan and Me Eloise Greenfield PS3557 .R39416 F67 1997
Goggles Ezra Jack Keats PZ7.K2253 Go
Grandpa's Face Eloise Greenfield PZ7 .G845 Gs 1988
Max Found Two Sticks Brian Pinkney PZ7 .P63347 Max 1994
Over the Green Hills Rachel Isadora PZ7 .I763 Ov 1992
The Paperboy Dav Pilkey PZ7 .P63123 Pap 1996
Rum-a-tum-tum Angela Shelf Medearis PZ8.3 .M551155 Ru 1997
The Talking Cloth Rhonda Mitchell PZ7 .M6944 Tal 1997
Welcoming Babies Margy Burns Knight GT2460 .K55 1994
Whistle for Willie Ezra Jack Keats PZ7 .K2253 Wh 1977
William and the Good Old Days Eloise Greenfield PZ7 .G845 Wi 1993
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The Adventures of Sparrowboy Brian Pinkney PZ7 .P63347 Ad 1997
Aunt Flossie's Hats (and crab cakes later) Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard PZ7 .H83273 Au 2001
Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky Faith Ringgold PZ7 .R4726 Au 1992
Barefoot: Escape on the Underground Railroad Pamela Duncan Edwards PZ7 .E26365 Bar 1997
The Best Way to Play Bill Cosby PZ7 .C8185 Be 1997
Big Boy Tololwa M. Mollel PZ7 .M7335 Bi 1995
Bigmamas Donald Crews PS3553 .R45 Z465 1991
Boundless Grace Mary Hoffman PZ7 .H67562 1995
Celie and the Harvest Fiddler Vanessa & Valerie Flournoy PZ7.F667 Ce 1995
A Chair for My Mother Vera B. Williams PZ7.W6685 Ch
Chicken Sunday Patricia Polacco PZ7 .P75186 Ch 1992
Cornrows Camille Yarbrough PZ7 .Y1995 Co 1996
Cosmo and the Robot Brian Pinkney PZ7 .P63347 Co 2000
Down the Road Alice Schertle PZ7 .S3442 Do 1995
Everett Anderson's Goodbye Lucille Clifton PZ8.3 .C573 Evh 1983
Fire on the Mountain Jane Kurtz PZ8.1 .K9854 Fi 1994
Flossie and the Fox Patricia McKissack PZ7 .M478693 Fl 1986
It Takes a Village Jane Cowen-Fletcher PZ7 .C8358 I7 1994
Jamaica's Blue Marker Juanita Havill PZ7 .H31115 Jal 1995
JoJo’s Flying Side Kick Brian Pinkney PZ7 .P63347 Jo 1995
Julius Angela Johnson PZ7 .J629 Ju 1993
Mama Elizabeti Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen PZ7 .S9418 Mam 2000
The Meanest Thing to Say Bill Cosby PZ7 .C8185 Me 1997
Mirandy and Brother Wind Patricia C. McKissack PZ7 .M478693 Mi 1988
My Mom Is My Show-And-Tell Dolores Johnson PZ7 .J631635 My 1999
The Patchwork Quilt Valerie Flournoy PZ7 .F667 Pat 1985
Pink Paper Swans Virginia Kroll PZ7 .K9227 Pi 1994
Poppa’s New Pants Angela Shelf Medearis PZ7.M51274 Po 1995
Read for Me, Mama Vashanti Rahaman PZ7 .R1272 Rf 1997
She Come Bringing Me That Little Baby Girl Eloise Greenfield PZ7 .G845 Sh 1974
Sweet Magnolia Virginia Kroll PZ7 .K9227 Sw 1995
Tiny's Hat Ann Grifalconi PZ7 .G8813 Ti 1999
The Treasure Hunt Bill Cosby PZ7 .C8185 Tr 1997
Uncle Jed's Barbershop Margaree King Mitchell PZ7 .M6937 Un 1993
What's In Aunt Mary's Room? Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard PZ7 .H83273 Wh 1996
When I Am Old With You Angela Johnson PZ7.J629 Wh 1990
White Socks Only Evelyn Coleman PZ7 .C6746 Wh 1996

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