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Media Collection: Kimbel Kits

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Achieve extraordinary results with Kimbel Kits. Each kit's notebook provides a path to topic-specific Media Collection resources, as well as activities and reproducibles. Many include pictures, games, and manipulatives. Each kit is unique. Each kit is lesson plan MAGIC!

africabox.jpg, 5415 bytes Africa and African Americans LB1044.88 .K56 A47
alaskabox.jpg, 5682 bytes Alaska, Canada, & Hawaii LB1044.88 .K56 A63
asiabox.jpg, 5297 bytes Asia LB1044.88 .K56 A85
ausbox.jpg, 4902 bytes Australia LB1044.88 .K56 A97
batbox.jpg, 5541 bytes Bats LB1044.88 .K56 B38
bearbox.jpg, 6193 bytes Bears LB1044.88 .K56 B43
birdbox.jpg, 6410 bytes Birds LB1044.88 .K56 B573
bodybox.jpg, 5507 bytes Body Parts LB1044.88 .K56 B63
circusbox.jpg, 6311 bytes Circus LB1044.88 .K56 C57
clockbox.jpg, 6250 bytes Clocks and Calendars LB1044.88 .K56 C56
dentbox.jpg, 5978 bytes Dental Health LB1044.88 .K56 D46
dinobox.jpg, 5432 bytes Dinosaurs and Dragons LB1044.88 .K56 D56
egyptbox.jpg, 5552 bytes Egypt LB1044.88 .K56 E39
endangbox.jpg, 6222 bytes Endangered Animals LB1044.88 .K56 E54
environbox.jpg, 5671 bytes Environmentalism LB1044.88 .K56 E58
europebox.jpg, 4996 bytes Europe LB1044.88 .K56 E97
farmbox.jpg, 4993 bytes Farms and Farm Animals LB1044.88 .K56 F37
sensebox.jpg, 6084 bytes Five Senses and the Brain LB1044.88 .K56 F58
flowerbox.jpg, 4618 bytes Flowers and Seeds LB1044.88 .K56 F56
foodbox.jpg, 5800 bytes Foods and Nutrition LB1044.88 .K56 F66
frogbox.jpg, 5688 bytes Frogs and Toads LB1044.88 .K56 F76
britbox.jpg, 5872 bytes Great Britain LB1044.88 .K56 G74
insectbox.jpg, 6047 bytes Insects LB1044.88 .K56 I51
latambox.jpg, 5767 bytes Latin America LB1044.88 .K56 L38
catbox.jpg, 5856 bytes Lions and Cats LB1044.88 .K56 L56
agesbox.jpg, 5543 bytes Middle Ages LB1044.88 .K56 M44
natamerbox.jpg, 5618 bytes Native Americans LB1044.88 .K56 I53
presbox.jpg, 6119 bytes Presidents and Flags LB1044.88 .K56 P74
rainforestbox.jpg, 5774 bytes Rain Forest LB1044.88 .K56 R356
rainbowbox.jpg, 5726 bytes Rainbows and Colors LB1044.88 .K56 R35
seabox.jpg, 5783 bytes Sea Life LB1044.88 .K56 S43
esteembox.jpg, 4936 bytes Self Esteem and Feelings LB1044.88 .K56 S45
solarbox.jpg, 6128 bytes Solar System LB1044.88 .K56 S66
spiderbox.jpg, 6473 bytes Spiders LB1044.88 .K56 S65
transbox.jpg, 5464 bytes Transportation LB1044.88 .K56 T73
treebox.jpg, 5465 bytes Trees LB1044.88 .K56 T74
weatherbox.jpg, 5142 bytes Weather LB1044.88 .K56 W43

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