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Media Collection: Poets/Poetry on Video

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Adrienne Rich 60 minutes PS3535 .I233 Z6 1992e
Alice Walker 60 minutes PS3573 .A425 Z463 1990e
Allen Ginsberg 90 minutes PS3513 .I74 A6x 1989e
American Pioneers 28 minutes PS316 .A45 1988e
Amiri Baraka 60 minutes PS3552 .A583 .A6 1991e
Andrei Voznesensky 60 minutes PG3489.4 .Z6 1991e
Anne Waldman 60 minutes PS3573 .A4215 Z465 1991e
The Augustan Poets 50 minutes PR501 .L5 1999
Carolyn Forche 65 minutes PS3556 .O68 Z464 1990e
Carolyn Forche 94 minutes PS3556 .O68 A6 1994e
Czeslaw Milosz 60 minutes PG7158 .M553 A28 1989e
Denise Levertov 60 minutes PS3562 .E8876 A6 1994e
Derek Mahon 45 minutes PR6063 .A34 Z464 1994e
Eavan Boland 60 minutes PR6052 .O35 Z464 1994e
Eduardo Galeano 60 minutes PQ8520.17 .A4 Z47 1995e
e. e. cummings: The Making of a Poet 24 minutes PS3505 .U334 Z64 1971e
Ernesto Cardenal 60 minutes PQ7519 .C34 A6 1991e
Fried Shoes; Cooked Diamonds 60 minutes PS228 .B6 F7 1989e
Galway Kinnell 60 minutes PS3521 .I582 A6 1989e
Gary Snyder 120 minutes PS3569 .N88 Z6 1989e,
v. I & II
Gary Soto 60 minutes PS3569 .O72 Z47 1995e
A Gathering of Men (with Robert Bly) 90 minutes HQ1090.3 .G38 1990e
Gilbert Sorrentino 60 minutes PS3569 .O7 Z6 1993e
Haiku: In Basho's Footsteps 45 minutes PL759 .H64 2004
Hayden Carruth 60 minutes PS3505 .A77594 A6 1994e
Introduction to English Poetry 28 minutes PR502 .I68 1988e
Ishmael Reed 60 minutes PS3568 .E365 Z6 1989e
Joy Harjo 60 minutes PS3558 .A62423 A6 1989e
Kay Boyle 60 minutes PS3503 .O9357 A6 1989e
Linda Hogan 60 minutes PS3558 .O34726 Z47 1995e
Li-Young Lee 66 minutes PS3562 .E35438 L5 1995e
Loaded Gun: Life,
Death and Dickinson
60 minutes PS1541 .Z5 L56 2002
Louise Gluck 60 minutes PS3557 .L8 A6 1989e
Lucille Clifton 60 minutes PS3553 .L45 A6 1989e
Luis J. Rodriguez 60 minutes PS3568 .O34879 Z6 1993e
Medieval to Elizabethan Poetry 28 minutes PR531 .M42 1988e
Modern American Poetry: (Eliot, Pound, Crane, Cullen, Frost,
Hughes, Moore, Williams)
45 minutes PS611 .V4 1988e
Octavio Paz 60 minutes PQ7297 .P285 O3 1989e
Octavio Paz: Art and Revolution in Mexico 40 minutes PQ7297 .P285 Z9
The Odyssey 84 minutes PA4167 .O355 1980e, 3 tapes
The Odyssey 165 minutes PN1997 .O68 1997
Pattiann Rogers 90 minutes PS3568 .O454 Z6 1993e
Paul West 60 minutes PS3573 .E8247 .A6 1994e
Peter Reading 90 minutes PR6068 .E27 .Z6 1992e
Phillip Levine 60 minutes PS3562 .E9 A6 1989e
Playing Shakespeare: Poetry and Hidden Poetry 53 minutes PR2995 .P52 1990e
A Portrait of Maya Angelou 60 minutes PS3551 .N464 Z56 1982e
The Power of the Word* 60 mins. each PS325 .P69 2005
*The Simple Acts of Life (Olds, Paz, Stafford, Autry, Kinnell) ******* pt.1
*The Living Language (Troupe, Hongo) ******* pt.2
*Ancestral Voices (TallMountain, Harjo) ******* pt.3
*Voices of Memory (Lee, Stern) ******* pt.4
*Dancing on the Edge of the Road (Kunitz) ******* pt.5
*Where the Soul Lives (Merwin, Bly, Clifton) ******* pt.6
Robert Creeley 60 minutes PS3505 .R43 A6 1990e
The Romantic Poets 50 minutes PR501 .L5 1999
Seamus Heaney 60 minutes PR6058 .E2 1991e
Sharon Olds 60 minutes PS3565 .L34 Z6 1991e
Song of Roland 72 minutes PQ1522 .S66 2006e
Sonia Sanchez 60 minutes PS3569 .A468 Z458 1991e
A Survey of English Verse: American Pioneers 28 minutes PS316 .A45 1988e
Sylvia Plath: Letters Home 90 minutes PS3566 .L27 Z78 1988e
Thom Gunn 60 minutes PR6013 .U65 A6 1994e
Victor Hernandez Cruz 60 minutes PS3553 .R8 A6 1989e
The Victorian Poets 50 minutes PR501 .L5 1999
Walt Whitman 60 minutes PS3231 .W323 2008
Where Poems Come From 60 minutes PN6099 .W44 1991e
W.S. Merwin 60 minutes PS3563 .E75 Z6 1989e
Yehuda Amichai 60 minutes PJ5054 .A65 A6 1989e

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