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Media Collection: Puppets

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puppetp.jpg, 3980 bytes puppetu.jpg, 4831 bytes puppetp.jpg, 5451 bytes puppetp.jpg, 5451 bytes puppete.jpg, 4491 bytes puppett.jpg, 5808 bytes puppetsn.jpg, 4700 bytes

alligator.jpg, 5448 bytes Alligator Puppet QL666.C925 A4
ant.jpg, 3610 bytes Ant Puppet PN1979 .E4 A58 1993
babyowl.jpg, 1780 bytesbabyowl.jpg, 1780 bytes Baby Barn Owl Puppets PN1979 .B33
owl.jpg, 4653 bytes Barn Owl Puppet PN1979 .E4 B37
bee.jpg, 6398 bytes Bee Puppet PN1979 .E4 B44
bert.gif, 3146 bytes Bert PN1979 .E74 B4
bluebird.jpg, 6060 bytes Bluebird Puppet PN1979 .E4 B58
birdsnest.jpg, 11417 bytes Bluebirds in Nest Puppet PN1979 .E4 B5
boy.jpg, 6450 bytes Boy Puppet PN1979 .B69 1996
bear.jpg, 5924 bytes Brown Bear Puppet QL737.C27 B76x 2000
butterfly.jpg, 6137 bytes Butterfly Puppet QL561.D3 B8
calf.jpg, 5093 bytes Calf Puppet SF206 .C35
Camel Puppet QL737.U5 C361 1999
caterpillar.jpg, 5881 bytes Caterpillar Puppet QL562 .C3
caterpillarnbutterfly.jpg, 5843 bytes Caterpillar/Butterfly Reversible QL562 .C3 F65
chameleon.jpg, 4076 bytes Chameleon Puppet QL666.L23 C4
chimpanzee.jpg, 7747 bytes Chimpanzee Puppet QL737 .P96 C4 1999
clownface.jpg, 6411 bytes Clown Puppet PN1979 .E4 C56
gorilla.jpg, 4910 bytes Coco PN1979 .C6 1994
cookiemonster.jpg - 4131 bytes Cookie Monster Puppet PN1979 .E4 C68 1995
cow.jpg, 8116 bytes Cow Hand Puppet PN1979 .E4 C68 1995
crab.JPG, 3693 bytes Crab Puppet PN1979.E4 C73 2000z
cricket.jpg, 8576 bytes Cricket Puppet PN1979 .E4 C75 1993
Dad-ReversibleOutfit.jpg, 4774 bytes Dad Puppet with Chef, Firefighter and Office Outfits PN1979.E4 D33
browndog.jpg, 6861 bytes Dog Hand Puppet PN1979 .E4 D63
scruffydog.jpg - 6705 bytes Dog Puppet PN1979 .S37
dolphin.jpg, 6005 bytes Dolphin Puppet PN1979 .E4 D65
duck.jpg, 5683 bytes Duck Puppet QL696.A52 D83
Eagle Puppet QL696 .A2 E24
penguin.jpg, 4004 bytes Emperor Penguin Puppet QL696 .E67
fawn.jpg, 7440 bytes Fawn Puppet PN1979 .F39
fish.jpg, 8659 bytes Fish Puppet PN1979 .E4 F57
fox.jpg, 5397 bytes Fox Puppet QL737 .C22 F6
frog.jpg, 3977 bytes Frog Puppet QL668 .E2 F7
tiger.jpg, 6596 bytes Gabriel Tiger Puppet PN1979 .E4 T54
giraffe.jpg, 5695 bytes Giraffe Puppet QL737 .U56 G4
girl.jpg, 7891 bytes Girl Puppet PN1979 .G57 1996
girlblondehair2325.jpg, 6463 bytes Girl Puppet with Shoelaces to Tie PN1979 .G573
grandma.jpg, 6018 bytes Grandma Puppet PN1979 .E4 G7
grandpa.jpg, 6504 bytes Grandpa Puppet PN1979 .E4 G73
Great White Shark Puppet QL638.9 .G74
Harbor Seal Puppet QL737 .P6 H37
chicknegg.jpg, 2437 bytes Hatching Chick Puppet PN1979 .E4 H38
hen.jpg, 5093 bytes Hen Puppet PN1979 .E4 R6
hermitcrab.jpg, 5979 bytes Hermit Crab Puppet PN1979 .E4 H47 1998
horse.jpg, 6362 bytes Horse Puppet SF285 .H6
whale.jpg, 8488 bytes Humpback Whale Puppet PN1979 .E4 H86
iguana.jpg, 4357 bytes Iguana PN1979 .E4 I48 1997
kangaroo.jpg, 4246 bytes Kangaroo Puppet QL737 .M35 K3
king.jpg, 6391 bytes King Puppet PN1980 .A3 K5
knight.jpg, 3914 bytes Knight Puppet CR4534 .K6 1999
koala.jpg, 3487 bytes Koala Puppet QL737 .M384 K6
ladybug.jpg, 7309 bytes Ladybug Puppet PN1979 .E4 L33
sheep.jpg, 6774 bytes Lamb Puppet PN1979 .E4 L36
elephant.jpg, 5512 bytes Large Elephant PN1979 .E4 E54
lion.jpg, 11403 bytes Lion Puppet QL737 .C23 L46
Llama Puppet QL737 .U54 L53
Long-legged Monkey Puppet QL795 .M7 L66
macaw.jpg, 4048 bytes Macaw PN1979 .E4 M32 1997
manatee.jpg, 5930 bytes Manatee Puppet PN1979 .E4 M36
Mom-ReversibleOutfit.jpg, 4314 bytes Mom Puppet with Doctor, Nature and Office Outfits PN1979.E4 M65
monarch.jpg, 3717 bytes Monarch Finger Puppet PN1979 .E4 M66
mosquito.jpg, 4064 bytes Mosquito Puppet QL536 .M6
mouse.jpg, 6181 bytes Mouse Puppet PN1979 .E4 M68 1989
Multicultural Families Puppets HQ744 .F362 1990z
Multi-ethnic Career Puppets PN1979 .M85
octopus.jpg, 13034 bytes Octopus Puppet PN1979 .E4 O27
panda.jpg, 3085 bytes Panda Puppet PN1979.E4 P35
peacock.JPG, 5769 bytes Peacock Puppet QL795.B57 P43
pig.jpg, 5703 bytes Pig Puppet PN1979 .E4 P54
polarbear.jpg, 5299 bytes Polar Bear Puppet QL737 .P65 1994
prince.jpg, 3030 bytes Prince Puppet PN1980 .A3 P7
pupprin.jpg, 5484 bytes Princess Puppet PN1980 .A3 P75
Pteranodon Puppet QE862 .P7 P73
queen.jpg, 6911 bytes Queen Puppet PN1980 .A3 Q83
Raccoon Puppet QL737 .C26 R3
rabbit.jpg, 5204 bytes Rabbit Puppet PN1979 .E4 R33
raven.jpg, 4676 bytes Raven Puppet PN1979 .E4 R38
Red Dragon Puppet GR830.D7 R44 2002x
rooster.jpg, 6150 bytes Rooster Puppet PN1979 .R66 2000
sea turtle.JPG, 3229 bytes Sea Turtle Puppet QL666 .C536 S4
seahorse.jpg, 2847 bytes Seahorse Puppet PN1979 .E4 S43
shark.jpg, 6082 bytes Shark Puppet PN1979 .E4 S53
snake.jpg, 10510 bytes Snake Puppet PN1979 .E4 S63
spider.jpg, 5080 bytes Spider Finger Puppet PN1979 .E4 S65 1995
squirrel.jpg, 7166 bytes Squirrel Puppet PN1979 .S78 1992
bat.jpg, 4443 bytes Stellaluna PZ10.3 .C1685 1993 Gr.K-4
swan.JPG, 4714 bytes Swan Puppet QL696 .A52 S93 2006
cat.jpg, 6185 bytes Tabby Kitten Puppet PN1979 .E4 K5
tadpole.jpg, 3492 bytes Tadpole/Frog Reversible Puppet PN1979 .E4 T33
tarantula.jpg, 3199 bytes Tarantula Puppet QL458.42 .T5 T3
teddybear.jpg, 8419 bytes Teddy Bear PN1979 .E4 T42
flylady.gif, 6217 bytes There was an Old Lady
Who Swallowed a Fly
LT7000 .S1 T43
lrgtiger.jpg, 3725 bytes Tiger Puppet PN1979 .E4 T5
Toad Puppet QL668.E227 T6
toothfairy.jpg, 8185 bytes Tooth Fairy Puppet GR549 .T66
tortoise.jpg, 7148 bytes Tortoise Puppet QL666 .C5 T6
treefrog.jpg, 7450 bytes Tree Frog PN1979 .T74 2000
triceratops.jpg, 6539 bytes Triceratops Puppet QE862 .D5 T75
Turkey Puppet SF507 .T88
tyranosaurus.jpg, 4899 bytes Tyrannosaurus Rex: Dinosaur Puppet PN1979 .T97 1991
velociraptor.jpg, 6202 bytes Velociraptor Puppet QE862 .D5 V45
brontosaurus.jpg, 7918 bytes Where to Look for a Dinosaur QE862 .D5 M696 1993
witch.jpg, 3224 bytes Witch Puppet PN1979 .W58
wolf.jpg, 2482 bytes Wolf Puppet PN1979 .E4 W65
wormnapple.jpg, 5008 bytes Worm in Apple Finger Puppet PN1979 .E4 W6

Date Last Modified: Apr 28, 2010
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