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Cheating 101: Internet Paper Mills

This list of active Internet term paper and essay sites was compiled as part of a Teaching Effectiveness Seminar on cheating, plagiarism and Internet paper mills. The list is provided as a convenience for faculty, in order for them to be aware of the vast variety of resources out on the Internet that are tempting their students.

When this list started in March 1999, it had 35 sites on it. Currently, November 2006, there are over 250 general sites listed below. Subject specific sites are listed at Internet Subject Specific Paper Mills.

Students: read the warnings at these sites. If you turn in one of these papers as your own work, you are plagiarizing. If you need help with research, ask the experts at Coastal Carolina University (professors, librarians, Writing Center personnel, etc.). You are capable of producing work that is much better than what is offered at these sites.

These are business sites, they exist for one purpose, to make money off you. They don't care about your grades, your integrity, or your problems, despite their assurances to the contrary. They want your cash or credit cards. Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware).

Disclaimer: This list is updated every six months. We are not responsible for any changes to content or purpose that these sites might make between updates.

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Peggy Bates/Margaret Fain

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