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Literacy Program at CCU

Literacy Program at CCU

To prepare learners to be competitive in our global economy, teachers must possess a deep understanding of what it means to be literate and have a toolbox of instructional strategies for developing their students’ literacy abilities. With the support of Coastal Carolina University, the Spadoni College of Education, and the local community, the Chanticleer Center for Literacy Education (CCLE) faculty offers a literacy concentration track of the Master’s of Education (M.Ed.) in Learning and Teaching program. This concentration provides teachers the opportunity to earn an additional certification endorsement such as the Literacy Teacher endorsement from the South Carolina Department of Education.  The degree program requires 15 credit hours in core courses (all online) and 15 credit hours in literacy concentration courses (offered online and face-to-face).   The face-to-face courses are offered on Coastal Carolina University’s main campus in the late afternoons/evenings to accommodate teachers’ schedules. Interactive and practicum experiences in the CCLE are embedded into the coursework to meet the requirements set forth by the South Carolina Department of Education. 

For more information, please click this link to learn more about our M.Ed. in Literacy program



Chanticleer Center for Literacy Education

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