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LiveWell for CCU Employees

Coastal Faculty and Staff have different needs than our students.  Here you will find tips to improve your own personal wellness.  As a faculty member myself I know that it is impossible to do your best unless you are feeling your best.

Here are some quick tips to get you started!

Choose Snacks Wisely
Avoid the vending machine!  Prepare your own snacks in advance from fresh fruit to mixed nuts.

Add Fitness to your Routine
Two minutes of chair yoga - stretching and breathing - can increase your fitness and focus.  Go ahead and close your office door, we're not looking and give these a try!

Pack your own Lunch
We all enjoy the social atmosphere of going to lunch, but why not pack your own and find a nice spot with your coworkers on our beautiful campus.

Trade your Smoke Break
Coastal is going tobacco-free.  Help yourself kick the habit and trade out your smoke breaks for a walk around Chanticleer Drive.

Check back in with LiveWell throughout the year for tips on how to improve your wellness. There are some helpful links on the right to report any warning signs you may observe in the classroom.