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Take Back the Night

A History of Take Back The Night

Why Take Back the Night?

A woman walks alone down a dark, deserted street. With every shadow she sees and every sound she hears, her pounding heart flutters and leaps in her chest. She hurries her pace as she sees her destination draw closer. She is almost there. She reaches the front door, goes inside, collects herself, and moves on. The lock she secures helps her to forget-at least for tonight-the gripping fear that momentarily enveloped her.

Over 30 Years of Progress

Thirty-three years ago, women began to stand up and speak out against sexual violence under the banner of Take Back The Night.

The first documented Take Back The Night event in the United States took place in October of 1975 in Philadelphia. Citizens of Philadelphia rallied together after the murder of young microbiologist, Susan Alexander Speeth, who was stabbed by a stranger a block from her home while walking alone.

The first documented Take Back The Night abroad occurred at The International Tribunal on Crimes against Women. The Tribunal took place March 4-8, 1976 in Brussels, Belgium. Two thousand women representing 40 countries attended the event.

Hope for the Future

Women from New York to India are letting their voices shatter the silence, but there is much to be accomplished in the fight to end sexual violence. Crimes of this nature continue to appear in the news in epidemic proportions. Our movies, music, and daily news describe more abuse, violence and rape. As the history of Take Back The Night continues to be written, its mission to end sexual violence for all remains a beacon of hope for the millions affected by crimes of violence. We have made great strides, but our march is far from over.

Coastal Carolina University holds a Take Back the Night rally in hopes of bringing  an end to violence against women.


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