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The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) at Coastal Carolina University serves as an educational and cultural resource for the campus community.  We do so by providing an inclusive and supportive space for open discussion about a diverse range of social issues and by offering programs that highlight women’s issues.

The WRC supports the mission of the University to help students become productive, responsible, healthy, and global citizens by focusing on pertinent social, political, and cultural topics as they relate to women and by fostering a campus environment where all people are treated equitably.



  • To provide a comfortable place where faculty, staff, and students can come to seek information on a variety of topics, obtain confidential referrals to appropriate campus and community resources, and discuss issues of concern.
  • To provide a place where the intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, class, academic status (students, faculty, and administrators), community and alumni meet, resulting in creative discourse and action. 
  • To foster a women-friendly educational environment by promoting equity and addressing issues that affect campus climate.
  • To educate the CCU community on topics that concern women.
  • To celebrate the achievements of CCU women.

Contact Us

Chris Donevant-Haines
Location:  WALL 313
Ph:  843-349-5022
E-mail:  wrc@coastal.edu

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