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Gender Violence

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Campus Victim Advocate

My name is Jilleian Sessions-Stackhouse and I am the campus victim advocate here at Coastal.  A victim advocate is a trained person to help victims of crime cope with stress and trauma that sometimes follows an incident involving crime or abuse. It means that I am your supporter throughout this unfamiliar time. Being the campus victim advocate also means that I am the person that will make sure you are aware of your options and help with things like notifying professors about absenteeism, making appointments, accompany you to court and/or other person(s) involved in the process, liaison for court personnel and overall ally.

As an advocate for over 5 years, listening, being respectful and supportive are essential in this job.  I am committed to your well being, helping you through this tough, and sometimes confusing time.  I believe working as an advocate is a privilege and I will work hard to provide you with the best information so that you can make an informed decision about your life.

Here at Coastal we care about you and your success, so no matter how difficult the situation you have an entire campus community here to help you. I am available by phone, email, or text. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.



Jilleian Sessions-Stackhouse

313 Wall College of Business 

Office 843-349-5022

Cell 843-742-4855

Email jkstack@coastal.edu; ccuadvocate@coastal.edu


 Victim Advocate Services

  • Free confidential support
  • 24 hour information, support and referral services: 843-742-4855
  • Educational programs and in-service workshops
  • Emotional support
  • Medical and legal options and referrals
  • Hospital/accompaniment
  • Advocacy through academic and residential changes
  • Judicial and court advocacy


Support Group

A closed support group, open only to members, will be offered quarterly based on student interest.  For information on how to join, please contact Jilleian Sessions-Stackhouse, Director  jkstack@coastal.edu  or wrc@coastal.edu