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Women's Resource Center

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Here for you daily

The WRC has activities available on a daily basis, that can be done either individually or with friends. There is no set schedule for activities so feel free to come in and enjoy any of the following:


  • Chat with WRC staff and bring in some friends to socialize

  • Create art piece with paint/canvas

  • Form an informal discussion or study group

  • Have a cup of coffee (design your own Friendship Cup to keep at the WRC) and/or snack

  • Make a quilt square with thread or fabric paint

  • Process photographs, videos

  • Read articles, books, or magazines

  • Relax and take a break (you deserve it!)

  • Research issues that effect women

  • Scrapbooking

  • Share your unique CCYouStory

  • Volunteer to help others


Remember we are here for you! Feel free to share an activitiy idea and we will do our best to help you get it started.

Activities will be updated frequently so please be sure to check back with us!