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Department of Marine Science
Coastal Carolina University
PO Box 261954
Conway, SC 29523

Coastal Science Center
in the Atlantic Center
301 Allied Drive,
Conway, SC 29526
(refer to the Campus Map).

Contact Susan Soucy at soucy@coastal.edu
or call

843-349-2219 (phone)
843-349-2545 (fax)


Physical Oceanography Research

  • Gulf Stream Dynamics (Dr. Gilman)
  • Estuarine and Continental Shelf Processes (Dr. Keiner)
  • Ocean/atmosphere interactions, including hurricanes, El Nino, and coastal weather patterns (Dr. Gilman)
  • Remote Sensing (Dr. Gilman, Dr. Keiner)




  • Dr. Craig Gilman's (Associate Professor) research interests lie in the interdisciplinary field of atmosphere/ocean dynamics and satellite oceanography. Several of his recent research projects encompass Gulf Stream dynamics, hurricane formation, and impacts of El Nino.


  • Dr. Louis Keiner's (Associate Professor) research interests lie in the areas of satellite remote sensing and coastal ocean dynamics. He is currently involved in projects dealing with the analysis of oceanic chlorophyll concentrations and sea surface temperatures off the South Carolina coast, the use of neural network algorithms to analyze satellite data, and the current dynamics of coastal inlets.