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math logo Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Coastal Carolina University. Our primary goal as educators is to improve students' mathematical understanding and competence. However, we also strive to illustrate the importance of mathematics both as an interesting and challenging subject on its own and as a tool that can be applied to other disciplines. Our program is designed to develop a high degree of mathematical proficiency as well as extensive reasoning and problem solving skills.

The field of mathematics covers a wide range of topics: from classical to cutting edge, from pure to applied. Mathematics provides the necessary framework and language for new advancements in science and technology, and there is a growing need in our society for people with mathematical knowledge and ability. Consequently, a degree in mathematics opens up many exciting job opportunities in business, industry, government, actuarial science, technology, and education. Furthermore, the mathematics degree lays a solid foundation for continued study at the graduate level in any of the mathematical sciences.

At Coastal Carolina University, we are committed to providing quality undergraduate teaching. In addition we recognize the interdisciplinary nature of the modern mathematical world. Therefore, students may choose to concentrate their studies in analysis, applied mathematics, discrete mathematics, mathematics for secondary education, or statistics while still obtaining a solid mathematical background. In addition, we offer motivated students the opportunity to do research at the undergraduate level.

Please take some time to explore our webpage and find out what the Department of Mathematics and Statistics has to offer you.