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Kathryn Caulfield

No PhotoAdministrative Specialist




Kathy has worked with the State of South Carolina since August 1988. She first worked at the USC-Baruch Marine Laboratory in Georgetown, SC for over 10 years as an Office Manager and Kimbel Living Center Manager, where she also lived. Kathy then took a position with Coastal Carolina University ’s Center for Marine and Wetland Studies in January 1999, where she worked for over 8 years as a Fiscal Technician II. She was then asked to assist the Center for Active Aging and Retirement, which was recently dissolved. At that point, she joined the team in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Kathy enjoys meeting different people and helping anyone in whatever way is needed.

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Coastal Carolina University
P.O. Box 261954
Conway, SC 29528-6054

Office:   Wall 124 A
Telephone:   843-349-2004
Fax:   843-349-2344
e-mail:   kcaulfie@coastal.edu