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General Information regarding the Math Placement Exam

About the COMPASS Math Placement Test


Starting with the Fall 2012 cohort, Coastal Carolina University requires all incoming freshmen and transfers to take the COMPASS Math Placement Test during Orientation.

For more information about Orientation, click here.

Information about the COMPASS Math Placement Test can be found hereNote: Students are not tested on the geometry portion of the COMPASS Math Placement Test.

The COMPASS Math Placement Test asks you to choose the best answer for multiple-choice problems in three areas:

  1. Basic skills (performing a sequence of basic operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of  whole  numbers, fractions, and dec- imals)
  2. Application (applying basic operations to word problems that sometimes involve more than one step)
  3. Analysis (demonstrating that you understand the principles and relationships in mathematical operations)

The student is allowed to use the calculator built into Microsoft Windows on the placement test. They are also allowed to use paper and pencil while they take the test. Scratch paper is provided at the test site.