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Student Guidelines

Welcome to the Mathematics Learning Center! We ask that you follow a few simple guidelines to get the most out of each visit.

  1. Sign in and select the class you are here for. This is vital for us to track usage so we can continue to be funded!
  2. Tutors will not help with “NO HELP” homework assignments or take-home tests.
  3. We cannot offer printing services. Please use the student printers in one of the computer labs.
  4. Come prepared. Attend class, take and review your notes, read the text, and attempt the homework. The Math Center is a supplemental service to course work and is not a substitute for class attendance or consultation with your professor.
  5. While the tutors are knowledgeable, they don’t know everything. The Math Center does not guarantee grades or that the tutors will always be correct. Consult your professor if you have questions concerning a final solution.
  6. Tutors will help you work through concepts, suggest ways to approach or fix problems, and help improve study skills. They do not do problems for you, check your homework, or give answers.
  7. Since the Math Center is drop-in, tutors have to help all students. Please be patient and work while waiting for a tutor to assist you.
  8. Tutors will encourage you to work on your own after some assistance so you can improve your learning and others can also receive help. Constantly helping you will not help you become an independent, confident learner.
  9. Students and Math Center employees will treat each other with respect and kindness.
  10. We report any dishonest activity such as copying others’ homework or solutions and plagiarism to the instructor immediately.
  11. Please silence cell phones, take calls in the hall, and keep your voice at an indoor level to respect others’ learning.
  12. Please do not play games, check Facebook, watch non-educational videos, etc., while in the Center.
  13. You may bring a snack, but please eat hot foods elsewhere, since the odor can make others ill (or hungry). Never eat or drink at the Math Center computers.
  14. Please clean up after yourself before you leave.