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Mathematics Private Tutor List

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Charles Whiffen, Coordinator

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Mathematics Private Tutor List

Disclaimer: The following list consists of information concerning private tutors who have contacted the CCU Mathematics Learning Center and are available to perform mathematics tutoring. The Mathematics Learning Center makes no endorsement as to the qualifications of these individuals. This list is provided merely as a service to CCU students and the general public. Students and tutors should be prudent in choosing locations for tutorial sessions. The University recommends public settings.


AL-Algebra, GE-Geometry, TR-Trigonometry

CA-Calculus, DM-Discrete Math, ST-Statistics

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Name Status Email Phone Rate AL GE TR CA DM ST
Cahill, Tony Other trcahill@yahoo.com 843-685-6584 Negotiable X X X X X X
Cornett, Marinda Student mrcornett@coastal.edu 859-663-0005 Negotiable X          
Dahal, Biraj Student bdahal@g.coastal.edu 843-251-8733 Negotiable X X X X X X
Enanga, Michel Student maenanga@g.coastal.edu 843-424-5754 Negotiable X X X X X X
Engelhard, Ashley Student alengelha@g.coastal.edu 516-491-9062 Negotiable X          
Estes, Taylor Student taestes1@g.coastal.edu 203-695-4483 Negotiable X X X X    
Frasher, Linda Lee Other linda1955@charter.net 843-685-5172  Negotiable         
Goldman, Matt  Other goldmanmat@aol.com 843-655-6088  Negotiable     
Graham, Shanna  Other escherango@yahoo.com 843-997-2527  Negotiable     
Greenberg, David Other dgreenberg@parliamenttutors.com 843-491-1481 Negotiable X X X X X X
Harsh, Britni Student bdharsh@g.coastal.edu 301-331-8685 Negotiable Praxis          
Holmes, Gabby Student gmholmes@g.coastal.edu 843-855-7313 Negotiable X     X   X
Jones, Hunter Student hrjones4@g.coastal.edu 803-420-3240 Negotiable X     Business    
Lieberg, Cinnamon Student cilieberg@g.coastal.edu 843-742-3320 Negotiable X    X X   X
Olson, Claire  Other   843-272-4243  $25/hr     
Shaw, Raven-Simone Student rjshaw@g.coastal.edu 843-309-4500 Negotiable X          
Taylor, AJ Other ajtaylo3@coastal.edu 570-877-4680 Negotiable X X X X   X
Tomchek, Ryan

HGTC Professor

ryan.tomchek@hgtc.edu 843-349-3653 Negotiable X X X X