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General Information

You will need to apply for admission to Coastal Carolina University prior to scheduling your audition. More information about deadlines for applications to the university can be found at the Coastal Carolina Admissions.  Once you have submitted your application, you may schedule your audition.  To secure your preferred audition date, you should apply as soon as possible.
The audition is for entrance into the music major, not for placement into Coastal Carolina music ensembles.  All auditions will be considered for scholarship and stipend awards.

The audition is not for individual ensemble placement rather, these auditions are for those who have a desire to major or minor in music and all students who would like to be reviewed for scholarship and stipend awards.

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Audition Dates

Auditions will be individually scheduled during the Coastal Honor Band & Scholarship Festival, Wheelwright Auditorium on:

Audtion Dates:
January 18, 2017 (Instrumental)

Auditions will be individually scheduled in the Recital Hall, EHFA 152
Thomas W. and Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts - Recital Hall, EHFA 152

Audtion Dates:

January 21, 2017 (Voice)
March 4, 2017 (Instrumental and Voice)
April 1, 2017 (Instrumental and Voice)

  • The written theory placement exam is offered electronically once an audition has been successfully completed.   The exam results will be electronically sent to the department and we can determine the appropriate level of theory readiness for each student. Depending on their abilities and experience, students entering the program are placed directly into Music 115 (Freshman Theory I) or, if needed, MUS 170 (Basic Musicianship I).  
  • A sample of the types of questions and information on the exam can be found by following this link sample Written Theory assessment. Students that have taken theory courses or the AP Music Theory exam are still required to take the Placement Exam. Credits for the courses taken from other schools/AP Exams may transfer over and contribute to the student's class standing, however, the Placement Exam is the only way students can test into the correct theory level for their background. 
  • All new and transfer students music take the Aural Skills Assessment prior to their first semester of study in the Department of Music for , this assessment will be administered individually on Saturday, August 2, from 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.  Each session is approximately 15 minutes duration.  All in-coming students will received personal notification of the exact time and location of the assessment at least one week prior to August 20.
  • The Aural Skills Assessment is designed to assist faculty in optimally placing each student in the Ear Training Sequence of courses. You will be asked to echo rhythmic and melodic patterns of increasing lenght, sing intervals up and down from a single pitch, and sight-read rhythmic and melodic examples.  Scores will determine your placement in either MUS 170 Basic Musicianship or MUS 117 Ear Training and Sight-Singing I.
  • Transfers students are strongly encouraged to take the exam the year before they apply as placement results will help determine how long it will take to complete the major.  All potential and incoming Transfer students should contact the Department of Music at (843) 349-2637.

How to apply to the Music Department

Apply for Admission to the University through the Office of Admissions. The online application is available through Admissions.  If you would prefer an application to be mailed to you, please call 800-277-7000 or email us at admissions@coastal.edu.

Schedule your audition with the CCU Music Department.  An audition is required for admittance as a music major (majors and minors) and for scholarship awards. We have several dates available for scheduling on-campus auditions. 

We strongly encourage students to perform live auditions whenever possible.

If you are unable to travel to campus for a live audition, you may submit a pre-recorded audition on CD or sound file (preferably mp3) by March 1, 2017 via email or postal mail. Please mail all audition materials to Jesse Willis, Director of Auditions, CCU Music Department, PO Box 261954, Conway, SC 29528 / 133 Chanticleer Dr. W., Conway, SC 29526 or email to jwillis@coastal.edu.


Schedule an Audition

Online Registration

NOTE: If you are having trouble submitting your audition registration, you may register by downloading the Audition Application form below. To return via email: attach the completed document and email to jwillis@coastal.edu.

MS Word Format

PDF Format

If you have questions about CCU Music Admission, music auditions or this registration form, please contact Jesse Willis at 843-349-2776 or email jwillis@coastal.edu.