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Regardless of the musical path you want to follow, the music department at Coastal can help you achieve success! We have a fantastic Bachelor of Arts program that offers our students a state-of-the-art music education with a multitude of opportunities in the music classroom and on the performing stage. Graduates of The Coastal Department of Music have gone on to have successful careers in a variety of musical fields, including music education, music performance, recording technology, music publishing, arts administration and music business. Whatever your musical interests are, we will help you reach your goals and give you the skills you need to take the next step in your musical career!

All music students fulfill core music course requirements in Music Theory, Sight-Singing, Piano Proficiency, Western Music History and Music Technology. From this thorough and well-balanced foundation, students then have the option of three distinct tracks. 

The Teacher Preparation track prepares students to be artistic, confident and successful teachers in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 music classrooms and ensembles. Our competitive curriculum provides students with opportunities to explore and study the world of music through performance while guiding them to be artistic educators. After successfully completing the prescribed undergraduate curriculum for the Teacher Preparation track, students make application to the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) program in the Spadoni College of Education at Coastal Carolina University.  The M.A.T. – Music graduate program allows students to complete requirements for licensure as a music educator (Pre-K to Grade 12) in the public schools of South Carolina. Coastal Carolina University is proud that this intense course of study has a high percentage of graduates successfully placed in music teaching positions in South Carolina. 

Music for young childrenMusic education with orff instruments

The Music Performance curriculum puts emphasis on building the necessary skills to develop a successful career as a performer in the 21st century. Performance majors will develop valuable real-world skills performing in large ensembles, chamber music groups and jazz/commercial music ensembles.‌Music performance students are required to complete two recitals, play in additional ensembles, and take additional courses in music theory, music history and music business beyond the standard music core curriculum. 

The Music General Studies curriculum is designed for students who seek a broad program of general music education rather than intense specialization during the undergraduate years. After completing the music foundation sequence, students round out their undergraduate curriculum from a wide and increasing range of upper-level music electives such as Recording Technology, Composition, Contemporary Commercial Arranging, and Improvisation/Jazz and Popular Theory. Coastal Carolina University recognizes that the field of music is broad, multifaceted, rapidly changing and very competitive. In an effort to offer initial career council and determine an appropriate course of study that will prepare our students for a lifetime in music, all incoming students must complete a performance audition on their primary instrument before being admitted as music majors.



The Master of Arts in Teaching (M. A. T.) degree program is offered to students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in music and who wish to obtain a teaching license and certificate.  This cohort program begins each June and is a 14-month full-time program of study including graduate level music and music education study and additional professional education licensure coursework in the Spadoni College of Education. Successful completion of all requirements in the M. A. T. – Music degree program leads to Pre-K – 12 licensure in music education.

Students completing the entire 5-year program at Coastal Carolina University earn the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Music in the Teacher Preparation track and the M. A. T. – Music degree to complete professional education requirements.  Application is made to the Spadoni College of Education during the final semester of the B. A. degree program. 

Baccalaureate students in the Teacher Preparation track elect to work toward licensure in either instrumental/general or vocal/general music. The B. A. curriculum includes a liberal arts core, a strong music performance emphasis, and a solid foundation in music literature, theory, ear-training, conducting, and music methods courses.  M. A. T. coursework includes graduate courses in educational psychology, assessment, and internships (student teaching) during the final spring semester.  A limited number of competitive Graduate Assistantships are available through the Spadoni College of Education.

Admission to Program
Students seeking admission to the Master of Arts in Teaching degree program must meet the admissions criteria of the School of Graduate Studies and the Spadoni College of Education. In order to be eligible for admission to the M. A. T. – Music program, students must have earned a bachelor's degree in music from Coastal Carolina University or an accredited institution.  Applicants who have not completed the B.A. in Music/Teacher Preparation Track at CCU, will be required to complete prerequisite undergraduate coursework in order to make application to the M. A. T. – Music program.  An audition is required for acceptance into the M. A. T. program. This requirement may be satisfied by the successful completion of a 400-level senior recital. Outside candidates, or candidates who have not successfully completed a 400-level senior recital, must schedule an  audition.

For specific details, please go to the Spadoni College of Education website or contact Dr. Tonya Propst (843-349-6478).