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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I love music but I don't think I want to major in it. Can I still be involved in music?

    Yes, there are a couple of alternatives. Some students pursue a double major, with concentrations in music, as well as another area. Others choose music as a declared minor, which requires twenty-four music credits. If a musically inclined student chooses not to major or minor, they may simply enroll and participate in the Department's performance ensembles and/or our wide variety of general music courses (lessons, theory, history, technology, etc.).  Music majors/minors are required to take these courses, and only after their registration is open enrollment allowed.

  2. As a non-major can I study privately on my instrument for credit?

    Yes! Non-majors may register for any Non-Major section (one or two credit hours) of applied study. Students wishing do so should have performance experience, music reading skills, and permission from the instructor, prior to registration for the course.  Music majors/minors are required to take these courses, and only after their registration is open enrollment allowed.

  3. Are private lessons expensive?

    A $300.00 lab fee is charged, in addition to regular tuition, as part of your registration fee.

  4. What kind of performing groups does Coastal Carolina have?

    The Department of Music offers a variety of ensembles. . They are listed HERE .

  5. How do I get into a music group or ensemble?

     Entrance into many of the ensembles is without audition, requiring only that you register for the course. Please check the prerequisites for each ensemble for more details as some groups are “by audition only. Click HERE for more info.

  6. If I decide to major in music, what degree options are available?

    The Department of Music offers several undergraduate and graduate degrees. Click HERE for info.

  7. I don’t know anything about music theory. Can CCU Music help me?

    The Department of Music offers one entry-level music theory class: MUS 170- Basic Musicianship. This class begins at a very basic level and prepares the student to enter the music theory and ear training sequence. It is also designed for the music major who might not have taken high school music theory.

  8. I like listening to music, but I do not play an instrument. Do you have anything for me?

    Yes! The Department offers general education courses such as MUS 110-Introduction to Music (click to link in catalog), MUS 357-American Popular Music (click to link in catalog) and MUS 310- Careers in Music (Music Business) (click to link in catalog).

  9. I like creating beats and recording music.. can I study this?

    Yes, we offer Music 391-Introduction to Recording Technology. Recording, Looping, and Beat Creation are a part of this class. Playing an instrument is not required.

  10. I play an instrument, so where can I practice?

    CCU offers a variety of practice spaces located in the Edwards building, Wheelwright Auditorium, and the Coastal Carolina Band Hall. These rooms are available during school business hours to all students taking music courses. For more specific info regarding practice room availability please contact Paula Gwaltney, Administrative Specialist in the Edwards Building. 

  11. I have a few more questions that are not answered here. Who can I talk to?

    Please contact Paula Gwaltney. She can answer your questions and  direct you to a specific faculty member if necessary.