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Flute Choir

Amy H. Tully, Director

The Coastal Flute Choir is a voluntary organization dedicated to the cultural and musical enrichment of the Grand Strand and its surrounding communities. Its members come from many majors, fostering their love of music and led in this pursuit by Flute Instructor Amy H. Tully.

A flute choir is a musical ensemble composed entirely of flutes. The Coastal Carolina Flute Choir includes five members of the flute family (piccolo, Eb flute, C flute, alto flute, and bass flute).

A variety of musical styles, ranging from Baroque to Contemporary, are included in the ensemble’s repertoire. The musical selections from this extensive repertoire are tailored specifically to each function or concert at which this ensemble performs. Requests for special performances/repertoire can also be arranged, with adequate advance notice. Performances by smaller ensembles (trios, quartets, for example) are held throughout the school year.

flute choir


 flute choir


flute choir