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February 8, 2016   
Posted: August 12, 2006
Coastal Carolina University hosts 2006 Foreign Film Series

A series of seven foreign films will be presented at Coastal Carolina University during the fall 2006 semester.

The movies will be shown at the Waccamaw Higher Education Center, room 109, in Litchfield at 1:30 p.m. and again at 7 p.m. in the Wall Auditorium on the Conway campus. The films are free and open the public.

The Waccamaw Higher Education Center is located at 160 Willbrook Blvd. west of U.S. 17 next to the Hampton Inn in Litchfield. The series is sponsored by Coastal's Office of Student Activities. For more information, call 349-2301.

Aug. 21- "King Fu Hustle"

Amid the chaos of pre-revolutionary China, Sing, a small-time thief, aspires to be part of the sophisticated and ruthless "Axe Gang" whose underworld activities overshadow the city. Directed by Stephen Chow.
CHINA • 2004 • 100 minutes • Color • In Chinese with English subtitles

Sept. 11- "Happenstance"

"Happenstance" presents an omniscient view of two-dozen characters whose lives intersect over the course of a single day in Paris. Irene is accosted by a woman on the Metro who tells her that she will meet her soul mate by the end of the day, precipitating a domino-like chain of events that nudge her toward her romantic destiny. Directed by Laurent Firode.
FRANCE • 2001 • 97 minutes • Color • In French with English subtitles

Sept. 25 - "Bossa Nova"

Set in present-day Rio de Janeiro, "Bossa Nova" is about several couples who break up or hook up to the soundtrack of Tom Jobim's Bossa Nova classics. At the center of the plot, Amy Irving plays a widowed American expatriate who falls for a debonair lawyer. Directed by Bruno Barreto.
BRAZIL • 2000 • 95 minutes • Color • In Portuguese with English subtitles

Oct. 9 - "Ma Vie En Rose"

Ludovic is a seven-year-old boy who cross-dresses and declares himself a girl. Teased at school, shunned by neighbors and dragged to a psychiatrist, he escapes into his own imagination. This portrayal of the pressures of conformity is anything but rose-colored. Directed by Alain Berliner.
BELGIUM • 1997 • 88 minutes • Color • In French with English subtitles

Oct. 23 - "Murderous Maids"

In 1933, two maids bludgeoned and mutilated their employer and her daughter. This film, based on a true story, helps to uncover the motivation that drove these quiet sisters to become violent murderers. Directed by Jean-Pierre Denis.
FRANCE • 2001 • 94 minutes • Color • In French with English subtitles

Nov. 6 - "Pastry Girl" For 20 years, Saeed has been trying to marry the homely pastry chef Niloo, but their rivaling families have used one ploy after another to block the marriage. Just as it seems that both clans have finally softened, fistfights break out at the ceremony, prompting another postponement. Directed by Iraj Tahmasb.
IRAN • 2002 • 105 minutes • Color • In Farsi with English subtitles

Nov. 27 - "Respiro"

Set on the rugged island of Lampedusa, Grazia is a free spirit whose irresponsibility exasperates both her family and the town at large. About to be packed off to a mental clinic, she flees to a cliffside cave. Directed by Emanuele Crialese.
ITALY • 2002 • 95 minutes • Color • In Italian with English subtitles

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