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  • CCU Archaeology Field School wins Mermaid Award

    June 26 2010

    Students of the CCU Archaeology Field School, along with their professors Cheryl Ward and Carolyn Dillian, won the Mermaid prize in Conway's Riverfest Raft Race for having the best looking raft.

    The raft, which was propelled by four swimmers, one on each corner, did not win the race, but it looked good.

    An Egyptian theme might have set them apart from other competitors.

  • Retired CCU operator is recovering at home

    July 6 2010

    Martha Green, who was a Team Coastal member for about 15 years as the switchboard operator (or the first voice contact at the university) is recuperating at home.

    Green, who is retired from the Department of Public Safety, has been in the hospital at MUSC in Charleston and Emory Hospital (in Atlanta) with serious lung and breathing problems for awhile.

    Friends report that after an intense procedure at Emory, she is at home recuperating now.

    Martha said she has received many cards from Coastal people and really appreciated each one.

    Her telephone number is 843-215-1919, and she'd love to hear from her friends at CCU. Her e-mail address is

    Her address:
    11550 Freewood Rd.
    Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

  • River Monroe Lee resting at home

    June 15 2010

    Wendi and Justin Lee have a new baby boy! River Monroe Lee was born June 14, weighing in at 8 pounds, 14 ounces and measuring 21 inches long. Mom and son are resting at home and doing well.

  • Summer Arts Academy: Stuck on duct tape

    June 25 2010

    The connection between duct tape and art might not be immediately clear to the average person, and Summer Arts Academy students evidently found the issue a sticky one as they designed their own "fashions" for an end-of-the-course show held recently in the Edwards Courtyard.

    Parents, siblings and curious onlookers (including media) gathered to view and cheer on "Hollywood Duct Tape Costumes," a parade of 11 costumes the kids designed and modeled. Students also wrote and performed a script to introduce the outfit on the courtyard "catwalk." (The "Chuckie" team never made it to the catwalk since the student model got hot and ripped her costume off.)

    Art professor Susan Slavik led the group of 38 students through a 14-day residential art program that culminated in the duct tape fashions and an art exhibition of some 200 works in the Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery. It was Slavik's eighth year of putting on a duct tape show, but the ninth year it has been held.

    "It's a good way to integrate performance art with individual artmaking," says Slavik. "It's also a good collaborative project for them. They spend an awful lot of time working on individual projects, but the workplace today puts value on collaborative efforts and working in teams."

    Taylor Monahan as Tweedle Dum and Katherine Click as Tweedle Dee were wearing orange and yellow duct tape costumes over waffle mattress foam around their middles. "I am sweating so hard," said one of them as they were interviewed by a videographer from "Not the News," which airs on WFXB FOX 43. The two girls are "best friends" and wanted to do something together. "We were thinking Siamese twins, but didn't want to be attached."

    The colorful bird Kevin from the Pixar movie "Up" was another popular costume, worn by Ella Bergdoll-Oberhammer, led around by "little bird" Lexi Lutsky and announced by Rob Sheehan's daughter Mary. The girls went through lots of blue, yellow and orange duct tape.

    Minnie Mouse, worn by Kristen Hollander, a rising high school senior, was also an innovative duct tape costume of a red-and-white polka dotted dress, complete with white duct tape petticoats, duct tape yellow shoes and white tape gloves.

    Other costumes included: the Corpse Bride; a Slytherin student from "Harry Potter"; a man from "Men in Black"; Esmerelda the gypsy from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"; The White Queen from "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe"; "Thing Two" from Dr. Seuss' "The Cat in the Hat"; and Mrs. Lovett from "Sweeney Todd."

    After the show, many of the costumes had to be cut off with scissors, Slavik says.

  • Summer Arts Academy students shine

    June 25 2010

    Approximately 200 works of original art hung in the Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery on June 25, evidence that the 38 students of the Summer Arts Academy have been busy.

    Directed by Susan Slavik, associate professor of visual arts at CCU, the art was a collection of collage, quilting, stop motion animation, woven watercolor portraits, masks, beading, mixed media wall hangings and more.

    "We try to give them things they don't normally get exposed to in their school settings," says Slavik. Small class sizes help students get individual attention as well.

  • CCU staffers' daughter excels at game she loves

    July 2 2010

    Ed and Kathy Parsons have a talented young daughter. Kayla Parsons, 9, has won numerous golf tournaments recently.

    “At age 2, she fell in love with golf – miniature golf, that is,” says Kathy, mail clerk in the University's Postal Services. “She was five years old when she first told us she wanted to really learn to play golf, and she has been obsessed ever since,” says Ed, support technician for Information Technology Services (ITS).

    Ed and Kathy enrolled Kayla in classes at the First Tee Organization of Myrtle Beach when she was 5. The First Tee Organization, which is an initiative of the World Golf Foundation to provide facilities to promote development and enhancement through the game of golf, is known for its national school programs in which more than 1.6 million students are enrolled in more than 3,500 schools.

    Kayla won the US Kids Golf Summer Tour 2009, the First Tee of Myrtle Beach Summer Tour 2009 and the First Tee of Myrtle Beach Fall Tour 2009. She was also the recipient of the First Tee of Myrtle Beach 2009 Player of the Year award. In her most recent tournament at Pinehurst, the US Kids Summer Tour 2010, she came in close at second, only one shot from the lead.

    Ed has been working in ITS for three years, and Kathy was just recently hired in Postal Services a few weeks ago. Kayla has an older brother, Chris, who is 20. When Kayla is not busy with golf, she also enjoys karate, bowling, swimming, going to the beach, and arts and crafts. Her favorite professional golfers are Paula Creamer, Ricky Fowler and Dustin Johnson. Kayla’s lowest scores are 41 on 9 holes and 87 on 18 holes, and her favorite course in Myrtle Beach is the Dunes Club.

    Oh, and dad Ed plays "at golf," but claims he isn't very good. Kathy, he says, is a much better golfer. But both agree that Kayla is the best golfer in the family.

  • 'What I did this summer'

    July 5 2010

    We are looking for faculty and staff who have taken exotic trips, embarked on volunteer excursions, or simply done something interesting and different this summer to feature in the August Atheneum Newsletter. Maybe you visited the temples of Kyoto, swam with the dolphins in Hawaii or took the kids/grandkids to Disney World.

    Please send your information to the newsletter (see submit news button to the left) or send an e-mail to We'll want to see your photos as well!