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Online Orientation

All incoming transfer, degree completion, and distance learning students are required to complete the online orientation.

Online Orientation has been designed specifically for you to get a better understanding of Coastal Carolina University and our services. Your classification with the University will determine the fee and terms of completion. Once you pay your Admission's deposit, wait one hour, and you will then be able to access online orientation.

Degree completion and distance learning students must pay the $35 registration fee at the link above and complete online orientation prior to registering for classes.

For transfer students, the cost of online orientation is $0 as it is included in your in-person registration fee. You must complete online orientation at least one week prior to your schedule in-person orientation session. Failure to do so will result in your class schedule being dropped. Further, if you have not completed online orientation by the second day of classes, your class schedule will be dropped again.

We highly encourage freshmen and low-credit transfer students to also complete online orientation as it will help make sure you understand the University you have decided to enroll in. There is no cost to you, so why not get a better understanding of your university?

If you have any questions or have trouble accessing the online orientation, please call 843.349.2027.