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Special Interest Groups and Other Volunteers

OLLI Volunteers

We couldn’t do it without you! Whether teaching in the front of the classroom, leading a special interest group, proofreading the fall or spring catalogs, driving a CCU van, assisting students during Free Week, giving a talk to your local homeowners/civic/church/book club, welcoming visitors at senior expos, baking cookies for OLLI-hosted special events, or
distributing catalogs along the Grand Strand, our OLLI Ambassadors are vital to this operation.

OLLI’s Special Interest Group Leaders: 

Faye Akers, Conway Academy of Gardening I

Sam Baalbaki, French Conversation Club & Middle East Current Events

Bill and Judy Blackburn, Coastal Carolina Travel Clubs

Wally Lasher, The Gilles Bridge Society

Anne Duncan, Litchfield Contemporary Book Club

Dwight Fee, Civics Literacy Club: Issues & Answers

Roy Frost, iPad Clubs (Conway, Litchfield & Myrtle Beach)

Susan Galante, Conway Book Club

John Hobson, Litchfield Classic Book Club & Myrtle Beach Book Club

Paul LaFortune, PC Computer Club (Litchfield)

Carol Meldrom, Mah-Jongg Club

Sue M. Myers & Anita Lampley, Litchfield Academy of Gardening

JoAnne Nitowski, Conway Academy of Gardening III

Carol Peeples, Conway Academy of Gardening II

Odile Postic, French Conversation Club (Litchfield)

Ed Robidoux, Green Apples/Mac Computer Club and iPad Club (Litchfield)

Carson Turner, Community Band Experience

One-of-Kind Contributions:

Susan Meyers, organizer of Tea & Poetry

Deloris Roberts, “cookie queen” for Litchfield events

Josette Sharwell, organizer of the annual French Film Festival

Barnie Slice, OLLI catalog cover designer

OLLI Ambassadors: Linda Beyer, Pat Fancher, Ellen Jampole, Ann Kohler, Mike Kohler, Caroline McKee, Dee Pocaro

Excursion Drivers: Lew Aufdemorte, Jim Dankosky, Anita Lampley, Randy Lampley, Karen Willoughby