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OLLI Special Interest Groups and Volunteers

‌News and Events‌

  • Coming Soon 2015 OLLI Fall Catalog
  • OLLI Free Week:

Litchfield Education Center 

Sept. 9 - Preview of Litchfield Fall Classes

Myrtle Beach Education Center 

Sept. 10 - Preview of Myrtle Beach Fall Classes

Georgetown Education Center

Sept. 14 - Preview of Georgetown Fall Classes

Coastal Carolina Science Center 

Sept. 15 - Preview of Conway Fall Classes

  • OLLI Student ID’s Available:

Litchfield Education Center 

Sept. 22, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. 

Myrtle Beach Education Center 

Sept. 24, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.


Office Locations, Directions

Special Interest Groups and Other Volunteers

OLLI Volunteers

We couldn’t do it without you! Whether teaching in the front of the classroom, leading a special interest group, proofreading the fall or spring catalogs, driving a CCU van, assisting students during Free Week, giving a talk to your local homeowners/civic/church/book club, welcoming visitors at senior expos, baking cookies for OLLI-hosted special events, or
distributing catalogs along the Grand Strand, our OLLI Ambassadors are vital to this operation.

OLLI’s Special Interest Group Leaders: 

Faye Akers, Conway Academy of Gardening I

Sam Baalbaki, French Conversation Club & Middle East Current Events

Bill and Judy Blackburn, Coastal Carolina Travel Clubs

Evelyn Byrns, co-leader, Myrtle Beach Book Club

Wally Lasher, The Gilles Bridge Society

Anne Duncan, Litchfield Contemporary Book Club

Darlene Eichler, co-leader, Myrtle Beach Book Club

Susan Galante, Conway Book Club

Luz Greene, Spanish Conversation Club (Litchfield & Myrtle Beach)

John Hobson, Litchfield Classic Book Club & Myrtle Beach Book Club

Wally Lasher, The Gilles Bridge Society (Conway)

Carol Meldrom, Mah-Jongg Club (Litchfield)

Tim Miller, Investor Education Club (Litchfield)

Sue M. Myers & Anita Lampley, Litchfield Academy of Gardening

Carol Peeples, Conway Academy of Gardening II

Bob Poirier, Current Events Club (Litchfield)

Ed Robidoux, Green Apples/Mac Computer Club and iPad Club (Litchfield)

John Scanlin, OLLI Photography Club (Litchfield)

One-of-Kind Contributions:

Libby Bernardin, co-organizer of Tea & Poetry

Susan Meyers, organizer of Tea & Poetry

Josette Sharwell, organizer of the annual French Film Festival

Barnie Slice, OLLI catalog cover designer

OLLI Ambassadors: Sandie Bursey, Pat Fancher, Ellen Jampole, Ann Kohler, Anita Lampley, Carol Meldrom, Mary Thomas

Excursion Drivers: Anita Lampley, Randy Lampley, Robert Libbey

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