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Issues to Explore

When should an employee consult with the University Ombuds?directional signs

  • When you have a problem or complaint and wish to talk informally through options with someone not directly involved
  • When you are not sure what to do or who to talk with within the University community about a conflict or concern
  • When you want to know more about University policies and how to understand them
  • When you feel your problem has not been heard
  • When you want to learn ways of resolving conflict on your own
  • When you want to discuss a sensitive CCU-related issue

Types of Issues You Might Explore with the Ombuds :

  • Interpersonal conflict or difficulties; Supervisor-supervisee conflicts and colleague relations; A troubling evaluation or assessment;
  • Issue clarification or untangling a complicated situation; Competing perspectives or agendas; Misunderstandings based on cultural perspectives
  • Confusion about a university policy, or the perception that a policy has been applied unfairly; Uncertainty about what department or office could assist you     
  • Ethical issues and CCU values, instances of misconduct or unprofessional conduct
  • Perceived retaliation or fear of retaliation - Fear of coming forward or of acting to stop unacceptable behavior
  • Perceived unfair treatment, harassment, discrimination, abuse of power, bullying
  • Career / personal coaching  Help in writing a reference, evaluation, commendation, a letter of concern, or help in writing responses; 
  • Improving Communications; assistance with difficult conversations in performance appraisal or disciplinary action
  • Policy issues; improving communications; Help to move beyond a perceived impasse in a work relationship; Information about formal processes for resolving your concerns
  • Health and safety concerns at the workplace
  • Suggestions for improvement at CCU
  • Identifying strategies for overcoming workplace of interpersonal barriers; Working conditions, campus cultural changes