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Interfraternity Council

What is IFC Fraternity Recruitment?

The Interfraternity Council and its member Chapters host Fraternity Recruitment  at the beginning of each semester. The goal of Recruitment  week is to provide any and all men interested in joining a fraternity the opportunity to meet and learn more about all our IFC organizations at CCU. In addition, Chapters plan a variety of activities ranging such as study halls, open dinners, and pick-up sports so that men can get to know the active members. The University and the Interfraternity Council strictly enforce an alcohol-free recruitment process. At the end of Recruitment  week, men will learn which Chapters would like to invite them to join their brotherhood.

How can I participate in Recruitment ?

In order to participate in Recruitment , and to join a fraternity in general, an interested male must be a full time student at CCU and have at least a 2.75 GPA as a first semester freshmen.  Any student who has completed over 12 credit hours at Coastal Carolina University or who is transfering in must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA. These requirements are set by the Interfraternity Council constitution and voted on by the member chapters.

If you meet the minimum grade requirements, the next step is to register for Recruitment. Please click on the link below to fill out the online application:

Coming Soon!

Questions about IFC Fraternity Recruitment?

If you have any questions concerning Fraternity and Sorority please contact the Fraternity & Sororoity Life Office at 843-349-2301 or Mark Plavnicky, IFC Vice President of Recruitment at mjplavni@g.coastal.edu.