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Frequently Asked Questions & Concerns

Frequently Asked Questions and Concerns

What is sorority recruitment? Sorority recruitment is a mutual selection process between you and the five chapters that make up CCU’s Panhellenic council. You will get a chance to meet all the sororities throughout the week, narrowing down the groups to the chapter that fits you the best.

I don’t want to be hazed. Coastal Carolina University has a no hazing policy on campus and it will not be tolerated.

I don’t want to buy my friends. Dues cover retreats, formals, socials, and many different events that are created for you to attend. If we are paying for are friends then we are not paying nearly enough!

I want to focus on my studies. Scholarship is one of Panhellenic’s main pillars. Each sorority encourages members to have high academic values and holds their own study sessions and academic plans.

I want to be involved in other organizations. Most of the chapters encourage members to be involved in at least two other campus organizations.

I can’t afford it. Each chapter can work with you to set up a financial plan; on the first night of recruitment each chapter’s Financial Vice President can talk you through the process. Scholarships are available. If after looking through the numbers and you do not think the financial plan will work for you, then you don’t want to be responsible for the payments. Finances are important and should be a part of your decision process.

My mom and dad (or boyfriend) do not want me to join a sorority. This is probably because of the bad publicity and stereotypes that Panhellenic women face. You need to have a conversation with them and address their concerns. You can show them academic standings, service hours, campus involvement, and money raised from the previous year. You can also tell them how going Greek will enhance your college experience and benefit you in many ways.

What is a legacy? A legacy is someone who has a direct relative who was affiliated with an organization. For example, if your grandmother is a member of Phi Mu then you would be a legacy of Phi Mu.

If I am a legacy, do I have to join that organization? No. Recruitment is a mutual selection process, and you are not required to choose the organization you are a legacy of.

What is the time commitment? The time commitment of a sorority is like adding an extra course to your schedule. Depending on the chapter, a few hours a week is most likely what you will be dedicating to the organization, through a combination of a chapter meeting, social, or fundraiser, etc. Joining a sorority allows for you to learn better time management skills and will help you balance your school and social life.

Can I join Rho Chi? No. A Rho Chi is a recruitment counselor who disaffiliated from one of the five Panhellenic chapters on campus. On Bid Day, after bid announcements the recruitment counselors reunite with their chapter.

What should I wear for recruitment? You will receive a complete guide about this and much more when your register for recruitment.

Do you have housing? On Coastal Carolina’s campus we do not have housing for fraternity and sorority life. Panhellenic sisters often choose to live together after freshman year.