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Ways to be a leader at CCU

1: Join a Student Organization!

    Coastal students are passionate about a wide array of topics. There is guaranteed to be a group of students with an interest similar to yours. One thing is certain, every student involved in an organization is helping to make our campus and community more AWESOME! Check out all of our 200+ active groups, https://coastal.collegiatelink.net/

2. Particpate in a Leadership Retreat/Event

    As a freshman you can attend CINO Quest where you will be challeneged to learn about yourself as a leader while growing comforatble with campus. Sophomores can apply to attend CINO Ignite where they will spend a January weekend focusing on specific leadership skills needed to better themselves. Juniors and seniors can apply to particpate in the year long process known as CINO Legacy. This is a chance to refelect on the change and impact they have made at CCU while looking to their future as a leader!

 3. Attend a Fall or Spring Leadership Conference

    The Charting your Course Leadership Conference takes place every fall smester and is a chance for all students to reflect on their leadership skills and how they can improve. Our Spring Conference, Continuing Your Journey is a continuum to the fall conference and is again open to all CCU students. 

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