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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I view my pay advice online?

Beginning immediately, you can now view your payroll history through WebAdvisor.

To view your pay history:

  1. Login to WebAdvisor (same user ID and password you use for e-mail)
  2. Click on Employees (on navigation bar – right side)
  3. Click on Pay Advices (under “Employee Profile” heading)

Where do I go to enter my time?


If I have questions on web time entry who do I contact?

Email: payroll@coastal.edu

Will I still get paid if I have not electronically signed my time entry?

You will get paid; however, this may cause your pay to be delayed

Do I have to report hours worked?

  • Exempt employees do not have to report worked hours only leave hours. In order to report leave hours you will enter leave hours under the appropriate leave type for the time used and then reduce your pre-populated hours worked by the number of leave hours taken
  • Nonexempt employees must report actual hours worked and leave taken
  • All hourly employees must report time in and time out

What if an hourly employee did not report hours worked?

  • If both employee and supervisor cutoff dates have past then handwritten timesheets must be completed immediately and turned in to the Payroll Office in a timely manner in order to be paid on the regular pay date for that cutoff period
  • If timesheets are not received in a timely manner they will be paid on the next scheduled pay date
  • If only the employee cutoff date has past then the supervisor should enter the hours worked for their employee to be paid timely

Do all employees use web time entry?

No, currently 28 day Public Safety employees and 48/36 Public Safety employees will continue to complete printed timesheets

Where do I locate my leave balances?

  • Click on “Year-to-Date Leave” this will show current balances based on your last pay date, any leave hours currently in Time entry will not post until payroll is completed for that pay period
  • “Annual Leave (Use by Dec. 31 or lose)” is your current leave balance plus any eligible accruals for the remainder of the year

Can supervisors print a report for all employees for tracking purposes?

Yes, click on “Employee history (for supervisors)”

How do I adjust leave time for a prior pay period?

Use the “Leave amendment form” in web advisor

How will Overtime/Comp Time approvals be handled?

  • Payroll will print an overtime report
  • If you ask to have Comp Time credited instead of overtime paid, you must complete the “Compensatory Time Agreement” under the online forms, payroll will adjust accordingly

 Please note the following:

  • The system will retain payroll information back to January 1, 2010. If you need pay history prior to that date, you will need to contact the Payroll Office
  • You can still go to the Payroll Office website to access your pay history. The system will redirect you to WebAdvisor to login