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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Current and Planned Courses

In philosophy, every semester includes sections of PHIL 101 (Introduction to Philosophy), PHIL 102 (Introduction to Ethics), PHIL 110 (Logic and Critical Thinking), PHIL 317 (Biomedical Ethics), and PHIL 318 (Business Ethics).

In religious studies, every semester includes sections of RELG 103 (World Religions).

Current Courses for Spring 2017

PHIL 301: Modern Philosophy (Earl)
PHIL 311: Ethical Theory (Holiday)
PHIL 318: Business Ethics (various instructors)
PHIL 350: Ethics of Sexuality and Gender (Oxley)

RELG 312: The Life and Letters of Paul (Abernathy)
RELG 330: Introduction to Judaism (Todd)
RELG 491: Special Topics in Religious Studies (Dostoevsky - Tale of Genji) (Green)

Planned Courses for Fall 2017

PHIL 271: Philosophical Writing (Smith)
PHIL 300: Ancient Philosophy (Rauhut)
PHIL 317: Bio-Medical Ethics (Kort)
PHIL 318: Business Ethics (various instructors)
PHIL 323: Philosophy of Law (Oxley)
PHIL 340: Philosophy of Science (Sosis)
PHIL 360: Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art (Earl)

RELG 315: Archaeology and the Bible (Todd)
RELG 320: Introduction to Buddhism (Green)
RELG 322: Introduction to Islam (Halverson)

(Scheduled and planned courses subject to change, other courses to be announced)

For other courses offered by the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, see the CCU Catalog.