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Religious Studies Course List

Taking classes in religion offers you the opportunity to develop a sympathetic and critical understanding of the major world religions. We live in a diverse and pluralistic world where religious faiths exist not in isolation from one another, but in close proximity and contact. Even in South Carolina, the mixing of religious cultures is not a future possibility, but a present reality. Living well in such a world entails that we understand religion in all its diversity.

Taking classes in religious studies at CCU cultivates many skills that serve students well in any career they happen to pursue, such as critical thinking, textual analysis, debating skills, curiosity, open-mindedness, ethics, decision making, and understanding other cultures and ways of life.


RELG 103: World Religions

RELG 104: Introduction to Asian Religious Traditions

RELG 301: Old Testament

RELG 302: New Testament

RELG 311: Gospel Traditions

RELG 312: The Life and Letters of Paul

RELG 320: Introduction to Buddhism

RELG 322: Introduction to Islam

RELG 324: Hinduism

RELG 325: Religion in Contemporary American Film

RELG 326: Buddhism in Literature and Film

RELG 350: Lives of Hindu and Buddhist Saints

RELG 351: Religion of India

RELG 352: Zen Buddhism

RELG 355: Islam, Ethics, and the Environment

RELG 360: Women and World Religions

RELG 363: Women and Gender in Islam

RELG 365: Religious Diversity in the South

RELG 366: Religions of the West African Diaspora

RELG 399: Independent Study

RELG 399H: Interdisciplinary Independent Study

RELG 491: Selected Topics in Religious Studies

RELG 498: Advanced Project