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  • Policy Submission Form
  • Academic Calendar
  • Faculty Manual
  • Student Handbook
  • Code of Student Conduct
  • Title IX Statement

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    Number Name Department Revised
    ACAD-LIBR-103Kimbel Library Computer Use Kimbel Library September 2011 
    ACAD-RSCH-104Coastal Carolina University Copyright Ownership Research and Emerging InitiativesSeptember 2014 
    ACAD-RSCH-105Office of Sponsored Programs and Research ServicesResearch and Emerging InitiativesMarch 2017 
    ACAD-RSCH-106Intellectual PropertyResearch and Emerging InitiativesOctober 2015 
    ACAD-RSCH-107Academic Research Misconduct Research and Emerging InitiativesMay 2016 
    ACAD-RSCH-129CrowdfundingResearch and Emerging InitiativesOctober 2015 
    ACAD-RSCH-130Sub-recipient MonitoringResearch and Emerging InitiativesOctober 2015 
    ACAD-RSCH-131Export ControlResearch and Emerging InitiativesOctober 2015 
    ACAD-RSCH-132Financial Conflict of InterestResearch and Emerging InitiativesOctober 2015 
    ACAD-RSCH-133Signature and Submission AuthorityResearch and Emerging InitiativesOctober 2015 
    ACAD-RSCH-134Indirect Cost Recovery and AllocationResearch and Emerging InitiativesMarch 2017 
    ACAD-RSCH-135Sponsored Projects Time and Effort Reports and CertificationResearch and Emerging InitiativesMarch 2017 
    ACAD-SENA-108Evaluation of DeansProvost's OfficeJanuary 2017 
    ACAD-SENA-109New Program Development and ModificationProvost's OfficeJanuary 2015 
    ACAD-SENA-110Contract CoursesProvost's Office February 2011 
    ACAD-SENA-111Graduate Curricula Provost's Office February 2011 
    ACAD-SENA-112Academic DeanProvost's Office February 2011 
    ACAD-SENA-113Dean of Library ServicesProvost's Office February 2011 
    ACAD-SENA-114Academic Director/Department ChairProvost's OfficeJanuary 2015 
    ACAD-SENA-115Program Coordinator Provost's Office December 2014 
    ACAD-SENA-116Associate/Assistant DeanProvost's OfficeFebruary 2011 
    ACAD-SENA-117Faculty Transcripts Provost's OfficeJanuary 2010 
    ACAD-SENA-118Faculty Qualifications Provost's OfficeFebruary 2011 
    ACAD-SENA-119Evaluation of Transcripts and/or Documents from Foreign UniversitiesProvost's OfficeNovember 2016 
    ACAD-SENA-120Exemption of Core Curriculum RequirementsProvost's OfficeFebruary 2011 
    ACAD-SENA-121Petitioning Exceptions to the Core CurriculumProvost's Office February 2011 
    ACAD-SENA-122Core Curriculum Modification Provost's OfficeFebruary 2011 
    ACAD-SENA-123New Undergraduate Course Development and ModificationProvost's OfficeFebruary 2011 
    ACAD-SENA-124Academic Affairs Committee Provost's Office February 2011 
    ACAD-SENA-125New Graduate Course Development and ModificationProvost's Office December 2014 
    ACAD-SENA-126Graduate Program and Curriculum RoutingProvost's Office March 2011 
    ACAD-SENA-127Student Evaluation of CoursesProvost's OfficeApril 2013 
    ACAD-SENA-128Distance LearningProvost's OfficeFebruary 2015 
    ACAD-SENA-129Class AttendanceFaculty SenateAugust 2016 
    FAST-BUFA-201Travel - Authorizations and Reimbursement Finance and Administration August 2013 
    FAST-BUFA-202Accounts PayableFinance and Administration March 2016 
    FAST-BUFA-203Honoraria Payment to IndividualsFinance and AdministrationJune 2015 
    FAST-BUFA-204Expenditures Finance and Administration May 2016 
    FAST-BUFA-205Cash ReceiptsFinance and AdministrationJuly 2009 
    FAST-BUFA-207Payroll AuthorizationsFinance and AdministrationFebruary 2011 
    FAST-COMP-472Exit InterviewsUniversity ComplianceFebruary 2016 
    FAST-HREO-209Nepotism and Preferential TreatmentHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityOctober 2015 
    FAST-HREO-210Non-Classified Staff Performance OverviewHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityAugust 2015 
    FAST-HREO-211Other Funded Position Performance OverviewHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityJune 2013 
    FAST-HREO-212Grievances (Non-Faculty)Human Resources and Equal Opportunity March 2011 
    FAST-HREO-213Reduction In ForceHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityApril 2016 
    FAST-HREO-214Staff Recruitment and EmploymentHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityNovember 2016 
    FAST-HREO-215Faculty Recruitment and Employment Human Resources and Equal Opportunity November 2016 
    FAST-HREO-216Minimum Wage and Overtime CompensationHuman Resources and Equal Opportunity January 2017 
    FAST-HREO-217Dual Employment and Outside EmploymentHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityAugust 2016 
    FAST-HREO-218Student EmploymentHuman Resources and Equal OpportunitySeptember 2015 
    FAST-HREO-221Employee Performance Management System (EPMS)Human Resources and Equal OpportunityAugust 2016 
    FAST-HREO-222Disciplinary Action and Termination for Cause Human Resources and Equal Opportunity October 2011 
    FAST-HREO-223CCU Tuition Waiver ProgramHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityMarch 2016 
    FAST-HREO-224Graduate Tuition Reimbursement ProgramHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityJuly 2016 
    FAST-HREO-225Annual and Sick Leave Guidelines for Research Grant, Temporary Grant, and Time Limited PositionsHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityNovember 2016 
    FAST-HREO-226Bonus ProgramsHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityJanuary 2017 
    FAST-HREO-227Job Reference and Background ChecksHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityMarch 2014 
    FAST-HREO-228Employment of MinorsHuman Resources and Equal Opportunity November 2016 
    FAST-HREO-229Temporary EmploymentHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityAugust 2016 
    FAST-HREO-230Lactation SupportHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityApril 2016 
    FAST-HREO-231Dress and Appearance GuidelinesHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityJuly 2017 
    FAST-HREO-233Announcements of Active and Retired Employee DeathHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityNovember 2016 
    FAST-HREO-237New Employee OrientationHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityMarch 2016 
    FAST-HREO-238Workplace and Domestic Violence Human Resources and Equal OpportunityApril 2016 
    FAST-HREO-239Classification Plan for Classified, FTE PositionsHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityApril 2016 
    FAST-HREO-241Annual LeaveHuman Resources and Equal OpportunitySeptember 2016 
    FAST-HREO-242Sick LeaveHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityApril 2017 
    FAST-HREO-243Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)Human Resources and Equal OpportunityApril 2017 
    FAST-HREO-482CCU Essential PersonnelHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityMarch 2017 
    FAST-ITS-235Cellular Telephone Data Plan ServicesInformation Technology ServicesApril 2015 
    FAST-ITS-236Web Site Digital Signatures ProhibitedInformation Technology ServicesApril 2013 
    STUD-BUFA-338Student FICA Tax ExemptionFinance and AdministrationMay 2016 
    STUD-CLSE-301Withdrawal: Medical or PsychologicalCampus Life and Student EngagementSeptember 2015 
    STUD-CLSE-302Student Military DeploymentCampus Life and Student EngagementApril 2014 
    STUD-CLSE-303Eligibility for Care - Student Health ServicesCampus Life and Student EngagementMarch 2016 
    STUD-CLSE-304Excuses, MedicalCampus Life and Student EngagementMarch 2016 
    STUD-CLSE-305Health Information SecurityCampus Life and Student EngagementMarch 2016 
    STUD-CLSE-306Patient Rights and ResponsibilitiesCampus Life and Student EngagementMarch 2016 
    STUD-CLSE-307Immunization/Tuberculosis Pre-ScreeningCampus Life and Student EngagementJune 2014 
    STUD-CLSE-308Fundraising- Student OrganizationsCampus Life and Student EngagementSeptember 2016 
    STUD-CLSE-312Commencement/Honor StolesCampus Life and Student EngagementJuly 2017 
    STUD-CLSE-313Fraternity and Sorority Life Extension/ExpansionCampus Life and Student EngagementSeptember 2015 
    STUD-CLSE-314Involuntary Referrals and Mandatory TreatmentCampus Life and Student EngagementFebruary 2017 
    STUD-CLSE-315Eligibility for TreatmentCampus Life and Student EngagementFebruary 2017 
    STUD-CLSE-316Psychiatric ConsultationCampus Life and Student EngagementFebruary 2017 
    STUD-CLSE-317Notice of Privacy Practices Counseling Services- Student Affairs February 2011 
    STUD-CLSE-318Campus Recreation Facility UsageCampus Life and Student EngagementApril 2016 
    STUD-CLSE-321Communicable DiseasesCampus Life and Student EngagementJuly 2017 
    STUD-CLSE-322Missing Student Notification Campus Life and Student EngagementApril 2016 
    STUD-CLSE-323Involuntary Medical/Psychological WithdrawalCampus Life and Student EngagementJuly 2012 
    STUD-CLSE-324Accommodation Campus Life and Student EngagementJune 2014 
    STUD-CLSE-325Confidentiality and Releasing Information Campus Life and Student EngagementJune 2011 
    STUD-CLSE-326Student Life Exam Week Campus Life and Student EngagementJuly 2017 
    STUD-CLSE-327Students Attempting or Threatening Self HarmCampus Life and Student EngagementSeptember 2015 
    STUD-CLSE-328Student DeathCampus Life and Student EngagementAugust 2013 
    STUD-CLSE-329Student Complaints of Denial of Disability Accommodations Campus Life and Student EngagementJuly 2012 
    STUD-CLSE-334Extended Stay HousingCampus Life and Student EngagementMarch 2016 
    STUD-CLSE-336University Housing and Meal Plan RequirementCampus Life and Student EngagementMarch 2016 
    STUD-CLSE-340Service and Companion AnimalsCampus Life and Student EngagementSeptember 2016 
    STUD-DSO-330Student ComplaintsDean of Students OfficeJuly 2013 
    STUD-DSO-331Alcohol and Drug Policy Dean of Students Office January 2017 
    STUD-DSO-335Alcohol/Drug Medical Amnesty PolicyDean of Students OfficeSeptember 2013 
    STUD-DSO-337Tuition Credit/Refund for a Disciplinary Suspension or Permanent DismissalDean of Students OfficeFebruary 2012 
    STUD-SENA-332Class AttendanceProvost's Office August 2016 
    STUD-SENA-333Student Travel for Academic FunctionsFaculty SenateJuly 2015 
    UNIV-ATHL-402Solicitation and Fundraising Athletics Department June 2011 
    UNIV-ATHL-403Athletic Department Statement Athletics Department October 2011 
    UNIV-BUFA-438Operative Financial Aid PrinciplesFinance and AdministrationSeptember 2011 
    UNIV-BUFA-439Returned ChecksFinance and Administration July 2015 
    UNIV-BUFA-441ProcurementFinance and AdministrationMarch 2015 
    UNIV-BUFA-442Food SafetyFinance and AdministrationApril 2017 
    UNIV-CLSE-404Student DeathCampus Life and Student EngagementAugust 2013 
    UNIV-CLSE-443Alcohol and Drug PolicyCampus Life and Student EngagementJanuary 2017 
    UNIV-CLSE-477Free Speech and SolicitationCampus Life and Student EngagementApril 2016 
    UNIV-COMP-409Ethics ActUniversity ComplianceApril 2015 
    UNIV-COMP-410Policy on PoliciesUniversity ComplianceMay 2016 
    UNIV-COMP-411Organization for Management of the University University ComplianceJuly 2015 
    UNIV-COMP-414WhistleblowerUniversity ComplianceJuly 2015 
    UNIV-COMP-447Code of Ethical ConductUniversity ComplianceJuly 2014 
    UNIV-COMP-448Records Retention University ComplianceApril 2016 
    UNIV-COMP-456Protection from RetaliationUniversity ComplianceJune 2015 
    UNIV-DSO-405Student Non-Academic Admissions ReviewDean of Students OfficeMarch 2016 
    UNIV-EHS-417Personal Protective EquipmentEnvironmental Health and SafetyJuly 2017 
    UNIV-EHS-418Hazardous CommunicationEnvironmental Health and SafetyJune 2013 
    UNIV-EHS-419Hearing ConservationEnvironmental Health and SafetyApril 2016 
    UNIV-EHS-420Health and Safety OperationsEnvironmental Health and SafetyMay 2010 
    UNIV-EHS-421AsbestosEnvironmental Health and SafetyApril 2016 
    UNIV-EHS-422Engineering Controls and Biological SafetyEnvironmental Health and SafetyJune 2010 
    UNIV-EHS-423ErgonomicsEnvironmental Health and SafetyApril 2016 
    UNIV-EHS-424Compressed Gas CylindersEnvironmental Health and SafetyApril 2016 
    UNIV-EHS-425Lock Out/Tag OutEnvironmental Health and SafetyMarch 2016 
    UNIV-EHS-427Ladder SafetyEnvironmental Health and SafetySeptember 2016 
    UNIV-EHS-428Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure ControlEnvironmental Health and SafetyMarch 2016 
    UNIV-EHS-429Waste ManagementEnvironmental Health and SafetyAugust 2012 
    UNIV-EHS-430Electrical Safety Work Practice ProgramEnvironmental Health and SafetyJanuary 2014 
    UNIV-EHS-431Tobacco-Free CampusEnvironmental Health and SafetyAugust 2014 
    UNIV-EHS-473Hot Work Safety PolicyEnvironmental Health and SafetyApril 2014 
    UNIV-EVMG-432Special Event SecurityEvent ManagementJanuary 2016 
    UNIV-EVMG-479Amplified SoundEvent ManagementApril 2016 
    UNIV-FACL-416Recycling and Waste Reduction Facilities April 2016 
    UNIV-FACL-433Permanent ImprovementsFacilities August 2015 
    UNIV-FACL-434Facilities Work RequestFacilities July 2017 
    UNIV-FACL-435SignageFacilities July 2017 
    UNIV-FACL-436University KeysFacilities July 2013 
    UNIV-FACL-437Memory Plaza Paver Installation RequestFacilities April 2011 
    UNIV-HREO-443Alcohol and Drug PolicyHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityJanuary 2017 
    UNIV-HREO-444Equal Employment OpportunityHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityMarch 2017 
    UNIV-HREO-445VolunteersHuman Resources and Equal Opportunity July 2012 
    UNIV-HREO-446University AffiliatesHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityApril 2012 
    UNIV-HREO-476University Discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy StatementHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityAugust 2016 
    UNIV-HREO-481Employment of Foreign Nationals and Scholarly ReassignmentHuman Resources and Equal OpportunityNovember 2016 
    UNIV-ITS-449University WebsiteInformation Technology ServicesJanuary 2015 
    UNIV-ITS-450General Usage - Network and ComputingInformation Technology ServicesSeptember 2015 
    UNIV-ITS-480Payment Card Industry Data Standard Security (PCI DSS)Information Technology ServicesSeptember 2016 
    UNIV-ITS-483Data Privacy, Classification, and ProtectionInformation Technology ServicesJanuary 2017 
    UNIV-ITS-484Vulnerability ManagementInformation Technology ServicesJanuary 2017 
    UNIV-LEGL-451University Interaction with the Judicial SystemUniversity CounselJanuary 2016 
    UNIV-LEGL-452Subpoenas and Other Official Correspondence University CounselMarch 2016 
    UNIV-LEGL-474University Legal OpinionsUniversity CounselMarch 2016 
    UNIV-LEGL-475Employment of Outside Legal CounselUniversity CounselMay 2015 
    UNIV-PHIL-453Naming OpportunitiesPhilanthropyNovember 2016 
    UNIV-PHIL-454Scholarship FundingPhilanthropyFebruary 2011 
    UNIV-PRES-455Advisory Boards and Affiliated OrganizationsOffice of the PresidentOctober 2013 
    UNIV-PRES-457Official Visitors to CampusOffice of the PresidentMay 2015 
    UNIV-SAFE-401DronesPublic SafetyAugust 2017 
    UNIV-SAFE-458Fireworks/PyrotechnicsPublic Safety September 2011 
    UNIV-SAFE-459Vehicle Towing Public SafetyJanuary 2016 
    UNIV-SAFE-460Reasonable Protection Public SafetyJanuary 2016 
    UNIV-SAFE-462Sex Crimes PreventionPublic SafetyAugust 2011 
    UNIV-SAFE-463Security Systems on CampusPublic SafetyJuly 2017 
    UNIV-SAFE-464Fire Safety and ReportingPublic SafetyNovember 2011 
    UNIV-TIX-412Protection of MinorsTitle IXDecember 2013 
    UNIV-TIX-465Sexual Assault/ViolenceTitle IX September 2015 
    UNIV-TIX-466Title IX Statement of Non-DiscriminationTitle IX April 2016 
    UNIV-TIX-467Sexual HarassmentTitle IX September 2015 
    UNIV-TIX-468Sexual Misconduct PolicyTitle IX July 2016 
    UNIV-TIX-469Pregnancy or Parenting StudentsTitle IX September 2015 
    UNIV-TRSP-426Golf Cart and Utility Vehicle SafetyTransportationNovember 2013 
    UNIV-TRSP-470TransportationTransportationOctober 2014 
    UNIV-TRSP-471Operation of 15-Passenger VansTransportationNovember 2013 
    UNIV-UCOM-406Collegiate Licensing ProgramUniversity Communication April 2013 
    UNIV-UCOM-408Social Media University CommunicationJuly 2017 
    UNIV-UCOM-478Free Speech and SolicitationUniversity CommunicationApril 2016 
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