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Have you ever wondered. . .

How did the U.S. government find Osama Bin Laden?  How does it protect you from acts of terrorism?  How has it conducted the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, the program in Intelligence and National Security Studies may be for you. 

The field of intelligence analysis has taken on an increasingly important role in a variety of areas of foreign and domestic security policy.  The advent of globalization and the information revolution have made those who can research, analyze, and evaluate information even more important to society.  As a result, the program is designed to enable students to develop an understanding of the intelligence process, its effect on policy-making, and the legal and ethical considerations that are involved in the endeavor. 

With its focus on analyzing information, developing effective communication skills, and understanding other cultures, the intelligence and national security studies program is a valuable complement to your educational experience. 


For further information on the program, please contact:

                Dr. Jonathan Smith, Coordinator

                Intelligence and National Security Studies Program

                Department of Politics and Geography

                (843) 349-6573 or jonsmith@coastal.edu




Dec 2015: Dr. Fitsanakis serves as an editor/moderator for Intelnews.org.  This site provides analysis and commentary on contemporary intelligence and security issues.

Nov 2015: Dr. Scott Firsing, a teaching associate in the Department, published an article on the links between the Intelligence Community and Academia in The Huffington Post.

Nov 2015: Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis led 4 INTEL majors to Emory and Henry College to present their research at a 9/11 Symposium.

Sep 2015: Six studens in the Intelligence and National Security Studies program conducted poster presentations at The Citadel's Intelligence and Homeland Security Conference.

Aug 2015: Dr. Jonathan Acuff has joined the faculty of the Intelligence and National Security Studies program.  Read more about Dr. Acuff here.




Intelligence as a Career?

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