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Internships can be an important learning experience in addition to a possible link to future employment.  The following is a listing of internship programs associated with intelligence and national security in the United States.  For additional opportunities, please contact Dr. Jonathan Smith or the CCU Career Services Center.



 Approximate Deadline for Next Summer*

 Central Intelligence Agency

 15 October

 Customs and Border Patrol


 Defense Intelligence Agency

 8 October

 Department of Homeland Security


 Department of State – Intelligence and Research

 17 October

 Drug Enforcement Agency

 31 December

 Federal Bureau of Investigations

 28 October

 Federal Emergency Management Agency

 12 March

 Immigration and Customs Enforcement


 Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

 1 November

 National Geospatial Agency

 2 October

 National Security Agency

 15 October

 Office of Naval Intelligence

 10 November

 Secret Service


 Transportation Security Administration


*Note 1: These dates are approximate (mostly based on last year’s deadlines).  Please verify specific application date and requirements with the organization you are applying to.

Note 2: Any position requiring a security clearance can be expected to have a minimum of 6-9 months lead time between application submission and actual start date of employment.