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Program Overview

Our Mission

We prepare students for entry-level positions in security-related fields that involve research, analysis, planning, and evaluation of policies and programs.  


How We Do It

In order to accomplish this mission, the program strives to develop its students by -

1. Providing an in-depth understanding of the intelligence process, its effect on the policy-making process, and the legal and ethical considerations involved in the endeavor.

2.  Enhancing the critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills of students, in both individual and group settings, to evaluate intelligence and national security policy issues.

3.  Fostering effective communication skills that account for such factors as time, audience, and security considerations. 

4.  Affording the ability to analyze a particular region's history, culture, politics, geography and economics in a larger global context.

5.  Promoting original student research in the concepts and theories of contemporary intelligence and security policy.

6.  Providing the framework and practical skills to succeed in analytic and research functionsorganizations associated with analytic and research functions of intelligence, security, and emergency preparedness organizations.

 For more information, please contact the Director of the Intelligence and National Security Studies program at (843) 349-6573 or jonsmith@coastal.edu.