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The mission of the Department of Politics and Geography is to enhance student understanding of the U.S. and other regions and countries of the world by providing high quality instruction to our students. Students will become knowledgeable citizens with a global perspective. This is achieved by learning the constitutional foundation, institutional structure, and processes of American government; analyzing organizational and managerial principles of the public sector and evaluating their impact on public policy; analyzing and evaluating the philosophic tradition of political science and the great thinkers; comparing and contrasting governments and political institutions of the world; and analyzing and evaluating the ways in which actors in the international system interact politically, diplomatically, economically, socio-culturally, and militarily.



Graduates will be able to:

1. Identify the most relevant aspects of the development of constitutional principles of government and the role of Congress, the presidency, judiciary, and bureaucracy in the    United States.

2. Identify the political impact of various public policies.

3. Match the philosophic traditions of political science with the appropriate major figures.

4. Identify the various systems of government and political cultures.

5. Identify key concepts and theories of international relations and of international political and economic institutions, societies, and systems.

6. Analyze and use critical thinking skills across the discipline for Political Science.