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Academic Programs

Political Science and Geography are two of the most diverse academic disciplines you will find. That has practical implications for you: a diverse field of study gives you more options for study, more options for graduate school, and more career options. And because our department offers courses in a broad array of subfields, you will gain knowledge across subjects.  It is great cross-training for your brain!


Political Science spans political institutions and behavior, political philosophy and methodology, public policy and political economy, all in the American and international contexts. The American Political Science Association defines political science as "...the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems, and political behavior." Political science is such a diverse field that new fields of study have emerged from it, including Intelligence and National Security Studies.  Political scientists in all subfields combine humanistic and scientific tools of inquiry, using a number of methodological approaches to observe, analyze, and predict political phenomena and interactions across the world. 


Geography is more than just the study of where things are! Geographers use a variety of methods, many utilizing cutting-edge technology, to generate knowledge about the world around us.  The American Association of Geographers highlights the interdisciplinary nature of geography by listing just a few of the things that geographers do, including: "managing natural and urban environments; analyzing the evolving relationship between people and places, planning transportation routes; investigating sustainable land use worldwide; creating Geographic Management Systems for industries and government agencies; and helping to understand and restore natural ecosystems."  Geographers provide the kind of information that politicians and policymakers use to make decisions on a daily basis. 


So how can you get started in these dynamic, diverse fields of study?  Just pick a program below and explore!


B.A. in Political Science

B.A. in Intelligence and National Security Studies



Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.)

Global Studies

Intelligence and Security Studies

Minor in Political Science

Minor in Pre-law