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Student Legislature

The South Carolina Student Legislature (SCSL) is a student-run mock legislature. Colleges and universities in the State of South Carolina send delegations to two annual sessions to debate bills and further their knowledge about parliamentary procedure and state government.

The South Carolina Student Legislature was founded by students to be perpetuated solely by students. We aim to educate South Carolina's students about the functions of democratic government and to provide a forum for student debate on public policy issues. In fulfillment of this mission, South Carolina Student Legislature seeks the active participation of all institutions of higher education in South Carolina.


  • To educate the young citizens of South Carolina.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to witness and participate in the process and issues of government.
  • To facilitate open communication between South Carolina's public servants and the future leaders of this state.
  • To seek active participation of all of South Carolina's institutions of higher education.


Want to get college credit for participating in a mock student congress? Want to be in politics? Want to see how politics works? Want to learn how bills are passed and negotiations are conducted? Then sign up for POLI 440 (SCSL) which can be taken up to three times for credit.

If you have any questions, please contact: Frederick Wood at fwood@coastal.edu, Adam Chamberlain at achamber@coastal.edu