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Phi Alpha Delta

Coastal Carolina University Chapter

The fundamental objective of Phi Alpha Delta's Pre-Law Program is to assist undergraduate students to make an "informed choice" in selecting law as a career, deciding which law school to attend, and in preparing for the rigors of law school. Phi Alpha Delta remains the only Law Fraternity and the only national legal organization of any kind with a national Pre-Law Program committed to meeting the needs of undergraduate students interested in the law.

Phi Alpha Delta is a co-ed fraternity, and accepts new members each year. In order to become a member of Phi Alpha Delta, you must pay a first time membership fee and complete the necessary paperwork. Regular meetings are open to anyone, even if you are not a member of Phi Alpha Delta. Feel free to stop by any meeting to find out more about Phi Alpha Delta. If you have any other questions or concerns about joining, please contact the faculty adviser, Professor Frederick Wood at fwood@coastal.edu.


Why Should I Join?

Membership in Phi Alpha Delta has several benefits, including:

The PAD Network
Membership in a PAD Pre-Law chapter opens up a wealth of opportunities to develop contacts with PAD law students, legal educators, attorneys, and judges. The contacts you are able to develop as a PAD Pre-Law member will be invaluable not only as an undergraduate student but throughout your career whether or not you ultimately choose the legal profession.

PAD Pre-Law Manual
Law School...Look Before You Leap
PAD Pre-Law members receive a Pre-Law manual produced by Phi Alpha Delta and designed to expose PAD Pre-Law members to educational materials currently available from various publisher and organization relating to law schools, the admissions process, funding your legal education, and careers in the law. The streamlined digest of materials will save PAD Pre-Law students hours researching law school information.

Reporter Subscription
PAD Pre-Law members receive a free subscription to the PAD published Reporter. The Reporter is published quarterly and designed for PAD members and updates on programs being sponsored by PAD chapters throughout the United States.

PAD Pre-Law Pin
PAD Pre-Law members receive the PAD Pre-Law pin specifically designed for our Pre-Law members.

PAD Pre-Law Membership Card
Distinguishes you as a PAD Pre-Law members and entitles you to worldwide car rental discounts with Hertz, Avis and National.

PAD LSAT Course Discounts
On a national level PAD has negotiated significant LSAT Preparation Course discounts for PAD Pre-Law members through various LSAT Preparation Companies.

PAD Pre-Law Discount
PAD Pre-Law members receive a $10 discount on their initiation fee upon joining a PAD Law School Chapter.

Law School Contacts
PAD assists graduating PAD Pre-Law seniors in their transition to law school by providing them with names, addresses, and phone numbers of the PAD Law School Chapter offices at the law school they will attend.

Informed Decision Making
One of the PAD Pre-Law programs benefits is that PAD Pre-Law members receive a wealth of information so that when it comes time to decide whether or not to pursue a career in the field of law, that decision can be an informed and responsible one.