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Assessment Grants Program Proposal Format

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The proposal should be prepared as a Word or PDF document and should be single spaced. The proposal should have one inch margins and not be smaller than 12-point Times New Roman font.

Sections of the Proposal

Proposals are to be organized using the following sections:

1. Proposal Cover Page (1 page), including -

a) Title of the Project

b) Grant amount requested

c) Name(s) and title(s) of individuals submitting the grant, as well as email addresses

d) Name of institutional department, college, or adminsistrative unit

e) Clear indication of whether the grant will assess student learning, or student development or administrative unit operations

f) Signature(s) of participants and of the Chair, Dean and/or adminsistrative supervisor

2. Project abstract (1 page): must describe the assessment procedure that will be used to assess the:

a) student learning outcomes, or

b) student development outcomes, or

c) administrative objectives being assessed

3. Project Literature Review (1-2 pages) related to the assessment in that discipline or area

4. Project Description with Timeline (2 pages)

a) The specific student learning outcomes, or the student development outcomes, or the administrative objectives being assessed

b) A timeline for carrying out the grant project

c) A description of the assessment you plan to use in your inquiry, how the data wil be analyzed, and the anticipated change that will occur in the unit or units as a result of the assessment

d) A description of how the project will impact the assessment efforts of the department, the college, or the administrative unit involved

5. Budget Timeline, with a specific breakdown of all expenditures (1 page) - expenditures cannot extend past December 2016

The page limit for each section appears in parenthesis after the section heading above.

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