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Assessment Grants Program

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Assessment Grants Program Proposal Format

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General Information

The Coastal Carolina University Assessment Grant Program provides grants to support faculty and staff members in their quest to examine the effectiveness of their academic programs, or programs related to student development, or administrative services to students and the university.  Successfully funded projects promise to contribute to the assessment system of Coastal Carolina University as well as to the professional development of the personnel involved.  Individuals awarded grants for the upcoming 2015-2016 academic year will disseminate assessment findings at a future Coastal Carolina University Assessment Day once the grant is completed. Long-term impact of the results from the grant should also be included in the annual assessment report of the unit to which the grant is awarded.


All full-time Coastal Carolina University faculty and professional staff members are invited to submit proposals for the Coastal Carolina University Assessment Grant Program. Individuals and groups from academic units, from student affairs units, and from administrative units may apply. Collaboration across different institutional units is especially encouraged.

Purpose of Grants

The purpose of the Coastal Carolina University Assessment Grant Program is to foster an environment that will support informed decision making which should lead to continuous improvement and accountability. This process also helps document change that occurs through the actual use of assessment results. This grant program will allow faculty and staff to explore various avenues of assessment and to investigate institutional processes concerning how to assess for accountability based on any emerging strengths, while, at the same time, assessing for possible improvement based on any defined weaknesses.  The grant program should assist in the development of a sustainable culture of inquiry concerning the three major components of our current assessment system: student learning, student development, and administrative unit operations.

Criteria for Awards

Grant applications are evaluated based on the quality of the design and the grant’s potential to contribute to the assessment efforts at Coastal Carolina University.  Grants must be able to tie back to the assessment of student learning, or to the assessment of student development, or to the assessment of administrative unit operations. Recommendations for the awarding of grants will be made by a diverse committee composed of individuals representing the academic colleges, student affairs, and various administrative units. Assessments must align with student learning outcome(s), and/or with student development outcome(s), and/or with the administrative objective(s) of an institutional unit or units.  Documentation of any change to the university unit or units involved must be included in the final report.  Awardees of the grant must be willing to share their assessment project and use of results at the Coastal Carolina University Annual Assessment Day.


Faculty and professional staff may either:

    1. design a new assessment, collect and analyze data, and use the results;
    2. redesign an assessment that is currently being used, collect and analyze data, and use the results;
    3. triangulate data across at least two major components of the assessment system (student learning, student development, administrative unit operations) and make recommendations on the use of the results;
    4. conduct a study to determine if the assessment(s) used is/are reliable and valid;
    5. examine data already collected by the university but where use of results has not yet been completed;
    6. conduct a study to determine if the assessment(s) used actually predict(s) student success; or
    7. examine the use of results from piloting a new commercial instrument.

Funding and Expectations

Individual awards will have an overall limit of $2,500 per project, while large-scale awards (projects that involve three or more faculty or staff) can have a maximum amount of $7,500.  Funds cannot be used for travel or for the purchase of release time. 


Funds can be used for the following:

  1. Resources/materials
  2. Student employee salaries (amount requested must include fringe rate)
  3. Purchase of an assessment instrument not already implemented at Coastal Carolina University
  4. Purchase of hardware or software related to the grant
  5. Faculty or professional staff stipends (amount requested must include fringe rate)

 A mid-point report must be submitted nine months from the awarding of the grant.

Deadline for Applications

Proposals must be submitted by email to Dr. John Beard at johnb@coastal.edu, and signature pages forwarded to Dr. Beard in 107 Singleton Hall, no later than Monday, April 6, 2015.

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