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PEG Application Form

The following general guidelines apply to all areas of the Professional Enhancement Grants Program:

General Guidelines

  1. Any full-time, tenured or tenure-track faculty member may apply.
  2. Proposals are limited to one per faculty member, even though two or more faculty members are permitted on the same proposal.
  3. Grant Awards are limited to a maximum of $6,000. Budget requests may include funds for equipment, materials, supplies, student assistants, travel related directly to the project, and other justifiable items. Budgets may also include requests for academic year reassigned time and/or faculty summer salary stipends. For Proposal Writing Grants there is a maximum of $2500 for the stipend. Academic and Research Enhancement Grants that include extensive time commitments can include a stipend request of up to $4000. In the case of a proposal with multiple investigators, the summer salary stipend may be divided but may not exceed $2,500 for Proposal Writing Grants and $4,000 for Academic and Research Enhancement Grants. A faculty member awarded a summer stipend will be limited to teaching one course during the summer (Maymester, Summer I or Summer II)..
  4. Applications containing a request for academic year reassigned time must include a letter from the applicants chair describing how the proposed activities are above and beyond normal duties and expectations.
  5. As mentioned above, all equipment purchased with PEG funds should be considered permanent property of the university on loan to the principal investigator for the duration of the grant. To properly inventory equipment, Kimbel Library may take possession of equipment funded by these grants. If this is the case, the applicant will be notified in their award letter. When the equipment arrives on campus, the Library will catalog it and check it out to the applicant for their grant period. Continued usage of this equipment following the PEG period is possible through the normal borrowing procedures of the library.
  6. 30% of the available funding will be set aside for new faculty (i.e., non-tenured, tenure-track faculty within their first five years at Coastal); however, any unused funds will be reallocated to the program budget.
  7. One Proposal Writing Award of up to $4,000 may be awarded for academic year reassigned time and/or for a summer period during which a faculty member would write a proposal to a designated external agency for a specific project which has an excellent opportunity of obtaining significant funding. If no Proposal Writing Award is granted, the funds will be reallocated to the program budget.
  8. At least 50% of the available funding will be awarded to tenured and non-tenured faculty beyond their fifth year regardless of the outcome of the new faculty and the proposal writing stipulations.
  9. All proposals should describe projects which can be completed prior to August 15. Grant Awardees will submit a final written project report and may be asked to participate in the Teaching Effectiveness Seminar Series at the beginning of the academic year following completion of their project.
  10. Awards to the same individual are not permitted for more than two years in succession nor will the same or a strikingly similar project be refunded for a second year.
  11. Application forms are available in the offices of the Department Chairs and Deans, and the Office of the Provost, and electronically at www.coastal.edu/forms (Office of the Provost forms). Note that there are two types of application forms. One is entitled "Proposal Writing Application" and should be used to apply for the opportunity described above in number 5. The other is entitled "Enhancement Grant Application"and should be used to apply for either Academic Enhancement or Research Enhancement grants. In both cases, applicants should consult the ("Evaluation Guidelines") at the end of the respective application packet prior to beginning the preparation of a proposal.
  12. An original and ten (10) stapled copies of a proposal should be submitted through the Office of the respective department and College Dean to the FWD Committee by the date established by the call for applications in that academic year (fall semester). Each College will establish internal guidelines and internal deadlines relative to preparation and submission of a proposal.

Student Worker Guidelines

In order for a student worker to be paid by a PEG, the faculty member (grant awardee) must maintain accurate records. The responsibility lies with the faculty member to submit an email report of hours/expenditures to the Associate Provost on a monthly basis.

The faculty member must notify the Associate Provost in writing of:

  1. name of the AEG/REG project
  2. name(s) of the student(s)
  3. estimated hours per week
  4. rate of pay per hour
  5. total number of hours expected
  6. total pay allowed
  7. a request for the account number the student's hours will be billed to

All students must be hired through the University Student Employment program. Therefore, a job description must be submitted and the student needs to apply for the job.

The faculty member must be the supervisor. The supervisor must approve the student's hours and expenditures in Web Advisor every two weeks.

All student workers must complete their hours prior to grant deadline in the grant notification letter.