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About the Trustee Award

The Coastal Carolina University Board of Trustees has established the $5,000 Trustee Award designed to encourage students to accelerate their academic experience, completing what would normally be a four-year degree in just three years. 

The award is open to all first-time freshmen entering Coastal Carolina University, beginning with the Fall 2014 semester.  To qualify for the Trustee Award, the student must meet the following conditions:

    • The student entered Coastal Carolina University as a first-time freshman, no earlier than Fall 2014.
    • The student completed his or her undergraduate degree within three (3) years (36 consecutive months following initial enrollment).
    • The student earned all collegiate credits at Coastal Carolina University or via a CCU-sponsored study abroad program, excluding all credits earned in high school that transferred to the University.
    • The Trustee Award Application must be submitted online by the last day of the student's first semester. (Click here to apply)
    • Award certification occurs during the graduation process; thus, the student must apply for disbursement of the award during this process with certification that he or she has complied with the first two bullets above.
    • The Trustee Award is payable in cash to the student following his or her certification of graduation.  The student will receive a 1099 and is responsible for all applicable taxes.

Important information regarding the Trustee Award

While admittance into the Degree in Three program is not required to be eligible for the Trustee Award, it is highly encouraged.  Students enrolled in the Degree in Three program are automatically eligible for the Trustee Award.  The Degree in Three program offers numerous benefits to students interested in graduating early including dedicated advising services, summer course offerings, early registration, and learning/living communities geared to facilitate student success.  To learn more about the University's accelerated degree programs, click here.

For more information regarding the financial administration of the Trustee Award, contact the Office of Financial Services at 843-349-2758.  For academic information, students are encouraged to contact their advisers.