Grade Point Average Calculator

  1. To complete this form, you will need to know two things:
    • Your current GPA and number of credit hours completed (available on your transcript at WebAdvisor).
    • Your current schedule (also available at WebAdvisor).
  2. Enter your current GPA and number of credit hours completed in the boxes below these instructions.
  3. Complete column one of the table below by filling in the names and numbers of the courses you are currently taking, e.g., Psyc 302. This is actually optional, as this information is not used in the calculations. It may come in handy, though, if you want to print this page out for your records or your advising folder.
  4. Complete column two of the table by typing in the number of credit hours for each of these courses. Most will be 3. A few may be 4. Most labs and Phed courses are 1, etc. This information is on your schedule.
  5. Complete column three of the table by typing in the letter grade you anticipate in the course: A, B+, B, etc. Type the letter grade as a capital letter with a + if needed. DO NOT type extra blank spaces in this box!
  6. Column four will be completed for you by the program. DON'T type anything here!
  7. If you make a mistake, click on the reset button at the bottom of the table and start over.
  8. Once you have entered all information correctly, click on the Calc It! button.
  9. Don't be surprised at the answer. The more credit hours you have already completed, the harder it is going to be to change your GPA much.
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