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Psychology Degree Programs

The psychology program at Coastal Carolina University enrolls approximately 300 majors. Classes are usually of moderate size ranging from 20 to 50 students. Individual attention is available to all students, and faculty advisers work closely with students concerning academic advisement and career choices. Students can choose either a bachelor of arts degree program or a bachelor of science degree program. Both undergraduate degree programs provide students with a solid background in the traditional areas of psychology. In addition to approximately 40 hours of core curriculum courses, psychology majors complete at least 34 hours of specialized courses.

Students also have the opportunity to conduct individual research while enrolled in a senior research course. This course allows students to investigate extensively a psychological issue or problem of their choosing. Some students have presented their research at local, regional, and national professional conferences, and some have submitted their research for publication in undergraduate and professional research journals. Independent study opportunities allow students to work closely with a faculty member in an area of interest where a traditional course is not offered. Students also have the opportunity to earn elective credit or internship credit for volunteer work in various community organizations, including mental health centers, rape crisis and spouse abuse agencies, and agencies which serve special needs children.


Psychology Major

A major in psychology offers students a thorough foundation in research design/ methodology and statistics. In addition, psychology majors will be exposed to the major content areas in psychology, specifically basic principles of learning and experimental psychology, developmental and social psychology, and areas in clinical assessment. Psychology majors often seek employment with mental health and social service agencies. In addition, many psychology majors pursue graduate degrees to prepare for careers in teaching, research, counseling, and consulting. The psychology department offers both B.A. and B.S. degrees. A total of 36 credit hours in approved course work is required to complete the major.


Psychology Minor

A minor in psychology offers students majoring in other fields a foundation in core areas of psychology through course work in psychological statistics, experimental psychology, developmental psychology, and clinical psychology. A total of 22 credit hours in approved course work is required to complete the minor.



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