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Fitness Classes

Fall 2012 Group Exercise

Class Descriptions

Group Fitness and Spinning® Class Descriptions

Classes are scheduled monthly.  Each month a new schedule will be posted.

  • ABS:  A core strengthening class targeting the abdominals and lower back.

·     AB BLAST: Blast those abdominal muscles into shape. Learn The ABC's of abdominal training. This class will work for all fitness levels.

  • BOOT CAMP:  A combination of cardio and body weight strength elements set up to challenge you & to keep the heart rate elevated for a great workout! 
  • H.I.I.T: H.I.I.T- High Intensity Interval Training-   HiiT workouts are only 15 to 30 minutes in duration, including the warm up. All HiiT workouts follow a similar strategy of short and intense workout sessions that alternate a high intensity work interval with a lighter intensity recovery interval. Trains and conditions both your anaerobic and aerobic energy systems. HiiT is hands down one of the best ways to burn fat without causing your body to burn your own muscle tissue.

HiiT is a special type of interval training that also offers the important advantage of continuing to burn fat for many hours after your workout has ended. The HIIT approach to cardio exercise is very physically demanding and isn’t for everyone

·         INTERVAL BLAST:  The ultimate combination of cardio and strength training using a variety of techniques. Research shows that interval training is more beneficial than a single component workout. This class will challenge every fitness level by incorporating cardio segments which will increase your heart rate and strength training to build muscular endurance and strength.

  • PILATES:  The primary focus is on awareness of the spine, proper breathing, core strength and flexibility. The outcome of Pilates training is a balanced body which is strong and supple, flat stomach, balanced legs, and a strong back.
  • POWER FLOW YOGA -- Be prepared to shed a layer of ego and sweat for this Ashtanga-based vinyasa yoga class! Focus is on building strength and spinal alignment through the use of the breath, core and postures. Classes will include warm-up sun salutations, standing postures, lunges, balance work, ab work, twisting and light back-bending. All classes finish with a quiet, reclined relaxation period.
  • PUMP IT UP!:  Do you like high intensity training?  Join this fun and challenging class that will get the heart rate up while strengthening your body!
  • SPIN® Express:  The same cycling journey as SPINNING®, just a shorter ride.  30-40 minute ride, Bring your water!  All levels welcome!
  • SPINNING®:  An amazing journey, riding towards better health and fitness.  Simulates true cycling in an indoor environment, designed for all fitness levels.  Must bring towel and water bottle!
  • SPIN® 30:  Designed for those who are short on time!  Same amazing journey, only 30 minutes!
  • TKO FIT: Come kick, punch and sweat your way into shape with a combination class of kicks, punches and strength training.
  • ZUMBA: This fun class utilizes interval training and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning. It is a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps.  Come join the fun!



All classes held in aerobics studio at Recreation Center unless otherwise noted on schedule.

Zumba that is offered in the gym will not require getting a number.  All other classes you must be present at least 15 minutes prior to class to secure a number for class.  Numbers are given out first come, first serve – but not until 15 minutes prior to class start time. 

Line forms in back hallway of Recreation Center.








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