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Spring 2013 ChantFit Logo

ChantFit 2014

Be Healthy, Lose Weight, Get Stronger!

January 27th March 7th 2014

2014 ChantFit Registration

ChantFit Schedule

ChantFit is a six-week health and fitness program that encompasses three different tracks to help you reach your goals.

Whether you want to Be Healthy, Lose Weight, or Get Stronger, we provide the encouragement, accountability and community to help you succeed.

Choose which track BEST fits your goals and register starting January 13th.

 Participation points are tracked and prizes are given to the users with the most points.  There are individual prizes and a grand prize for the track with the most participation.

Registration begins January 13th.  January 13 one-day only early bird price is $30.  Regular price $35.

Register at the Welcome Desk in the HTC Student Recreation Center.  All participants will receive a USB ChantFit bracelet pre-loaded with program info & a ChantFit Dri-Fit T-shirt for participating.    Choose which track best fits your goals!  Contact tjosey@coastal.edu for more information.

Track #1: Be Healthy

Are you looking to live a healthier lifestyle and become more active in your day? Choose the Health Track!

Health Track participants perform weekly workouts with a Personal Trainer, exercise.  Participants complete a pre- & post-fitness assessment to track progress. Track members also have the option to exercise on your own (as always), with your fellow Health Track members and participate in group fitness classes.

 This is a great track for first time exercisers or those who want to get started again! 

Health Track Guidelines

Track #2:  Do it for losing LBs

Want to lose weight, but need encouragement and accountability to help you get there? Choose the Weight Loss Track!

Weight Lost Track participants will have weekly workouts with a trainer, will track food & exercise habits to improve health, and participate in weight-loss classes and workouts.

Pre- & post-fitness assessments will be done to help track your weight loss.

Weight Loss Guidelines

Track #3: Do it for Strength

Looking for a new challenge or ready to take your workout to the next level?  Training for a race, sport or competition?  Choose the Strength Track!

Strength Track participants will have weekly strength-building workouts with a Personal Trainer, track progress & strength gains, and learn new ways to build muscle & get strong. 

This track will train hard and is recommended for individuals who already exercise regularly. 

Strength Training Guidelines


CHANTFIT Participation Points 

  • Group Exercise Cards:  Each participant will receive a Group Exercise Card that holds 10 classes.  You can attend classes to earn points for CHANTFIT.  If you fill your card, you are awarded 25 points.  Once you fill your card, please leave it in the file box under your last name.
  • Personal Trainer Workout:  Each participant is expected to attend a scheduled workout with a trainer weekly.  Each workout with a trainer earns you 5 points.  You will sign in for each workout to ensure you get credit for each workout.
  • Exercise Tracker & personal workouts:  By keeping track of your own workouts and recording them on your tracker, this will help you stay accountable to your goals.  You will turn in your tracker at the end of the program.  You will be awarded 1pt per week if you complete 2 personal (on your own) workouts.  Your tracker needs to be turned in by Monday, March 10 for credit. 

Prizes for Top Participants

For those earning the most points we will award the top 3 males & top 3 females in each track, a CHANTFIT custom insulated water bottle.