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Department:Wall College of Business
Professor: Srini Venkatraman

As technologies continue to permeate and restructure our work lives, the opportunities to misuse technologies at work have also increased rapidly, resulting in significant loss of productivity and other negative consequences for organizations and its employees. It has been shown that organizations incur substantial losses due to employees deviant use of information technologies in the workplace. Professor Srini Venkatraman of the Wall College of Business Administration investigates such deviant IT use behaviors through cyberdeviance, the intentional use of information technologies in the workplace that is contrary to the explicit and implicit norms of the organization, and that threatens the well-being of the organization and/or its members.

As more than half of all capital investments in the U.S is in information technologies, it is important to understand the dynamics of cyberdeviance. Srini’s research is particularly devoted to   assessing where the greatest cyberdeviance problems are and why individuals engage in such behaviors, and to offer concrete proposals to organizations to minimize the occurrence of such
behaviors in the workplace.

Srini works with several Fortune 100 companies to provide them with an understanding regarding the problem of cyberdeviance and help them limit the negative consequences of cyberdeviance.

Srini also studies why and how people make decisions in the presence of risk and ambiguity, in a variety of domains such as financial investments and health care decision making. One of the objectives of Srini’s research is to bridge the gap between normative decision theories and psychological decision theories to provide decision makers with effective tools for making better decisions under risk and ambiguity. Currently, Srini is examining the neuroeconomic aspects of financial decision making under the conditions of risk and ambiguity.

Srini Venkatraman